Friday, April 15, 2011

middle east consultations

Madrid, April 15 (Reuters) - The Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Trinidad Jimenez, is to meet next Monday in Madrid Will the Spanish ambassadors iN Arab countries to discuss the process of revolt in the Maghreb and the Middle East and the situation in Libya .

Jimenez opened the meeting with the Spanish Minister for Defence, Carme Chacón.

During the day, there are several working sessions in which it is expected that the General Director of National Intelligence Centre (CNI) of Spain, General Felix Sanz Roldan, and former chief diplomat of the European Union Javier Solana WiLL MEET.

The intent of the meeting is to exchange views and understand the situation of the countries affected by the riots, including Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and Syria, in addition to Bahrain, where Spain has no embassy.

The crisis in Libya and Spain's participation in the coalition to control the airspace and the arms embargo also occupy a central role in the discussions." LINK EFE cpg / rs / ajs / sm

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