Wednesday, May 11, 2011

the report

the full text of the published report:

Javier Solana Madariaga presented in Istanbul the report "Living Together: Combining diversity and freedom in Europe in the twenty-first century" at the session of the Committee of Ministers on behalf of the Panel of Eminent Persons. Reviewing the problems posed by the resurgence of intolerance and discrimination in Europe, this report discusses the "threat" and suggested "the answer" for "living together" in European companies open.

Based on the principles of the European Convention on Human Rights, the Group highlights eight specific risks threatening the values ​​of the Council of Europe: the widespread intolerance, discrimination growing (especially against Roma and immigrants), supporting increasingly asserted that collect the xenophobic and populist parties, parallel societies, Islamist extremism, the loss of democratic freedoms, the presence of a population with virtually no rights and the possibility of a clash between "freedom of religion and freedom of expression.

The report highlights some of the factors underlying "threat": the insecurity induced by the financial crisis and the impression of a relative decline of the Old Continent, a distorted perception of immigration, viewed as massive an image Minorities biased and negative stereotypes in the media and in public opinion and, finally, shows a deficit of leadership that results in the absence of a clear vision of the destiny of Europe.

"The answer" is considering 59 "action proposals", the first 17 to be "policy recommendations" for the European institutions and their member states.The group lists the major players able to change attitudes: educators, media, employers and trade unions, civil society, cults and religious groups, celebrities and "model" towns and cities, member states and European and international organizations.

Among the 17 principles that form the Group insists that it is unnecessary to require immigrants to renounce their faith, their culture or their identity if they comply with the law ..." LINK

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Anonymous said...

"The professor said it is high time for Europe to propose a new mission, or what political scientists call 'messianic political legitimacy,' putting forward a vision or a dream of a new project that citizens are likely to support..."

Anonymous said...

he sees the answer....(!) he "the answer man" ? makes ya wonder...