Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Solana and Crook on Obama's policy

"The commentator of the newspaper "The Financial Times' Clive Crook warned Tuesday in Madrid that the U.S. may need another financial crisis to force their politicians to make tax reform the entire system.

Along with Javier Solana, President of ESADEgeo, Crook has given a vision of American society and the division currently suffers American country's political policies and different ways of seeing the economy.
"The problem is that there is a plan to end the fiscal crisis in the U.S. and the two factions in Washington are competing for not approving the plan," said Crook, as it implies a general increase taxes and a loss of purchasing power Americans who hurt politically approved.

The analyst warned that the U.S. will need a major crisis to get out of its fiscal crisis and criticized the comments of some Republican politicians who claim that the change of president in 2012, should resolve the problems, because "when has something been resolved with U.S. elections? ".
"Financial institutions have more power than they really want to support the U.S. authorities," said Crook, who noted that mechanisms should be adopted so that entities can not fall, instead of making laws to rescue banks. The journalist went for an international legislation to end the problems that exist in many countries, including the large premium payments to executives and the behavior of some officers "reckless."

For his part, Solana said the chief U.S. military said weeks ago that the biggest problem for the security of your country is the huge deficit and debt that currently the United States.

Crook earlier criticized the U.S. government, headed by George W. Bush, on his tax policy as beeing "reckless" and praised Obama, who she said sympathize with many of its policies, for his criticism of the tax system. However, the reporter noted that Obama has done nothing to change these policies, as they promised not to raise taxes for 98 percent of the population, so it only has launched a tax reform for the rich.

The commentator described as "great anomaly" that the U.S. did not have a healthcare plan for the entire population, so favored the controversial reform of President Obama. However, he noted that there are some points they disagree, as few controls on health costs.
Crook believes that Obama might have convinced the Republicans and the public to support some of the points of the reform, but instead let the Congress engaged in the deliberations and public opinion through the media , judged freely, causing a "tremendous polarization in society.

"It seems that Americans remain in a civil war, especially those who are politically engaged," he said about the emergence of right-wing movements as the 'Tea Party' or groups requesting political left. "The extremes are very influential people downtown is becoming more skeptical about politics," he said. Crook said that the Europeans have been criticized on many occasions the position of adopting the U.S. command in many international issues, but today many countries of the Old Continent criticize Obama's lack of leadership to emerging economies and other powers.
The Europeans have no right to be disappointed with Obama on this issue because it is just what I have called" for a long time, said the commentator. Link

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