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Politics, Defence, Energy, Finance, Health, Climate expert on almost everything. / DOCUMENTS TV 16.06.2011

On April 29 TV Records turned 25 and decided that the viewers would choose how to celebrate your anniversary , choosing the documentaries of the past quarter century they wanted to see again.

After this look back on Saturday, June 18, and the culmination of the celebration of a quarter century on the air, traveled to the future, where everything is about to happen.

They forecast that 2036 will be about 8,000 million people on Earth , 53 million in Spain.Children born today in developed countries will live a hundred years.Uses 50 per 100 more energy.Half the cars will be electric.Inherited diseases will cease to be.The particle superacelerador played a big bang will be complete.The food will come to the houses 'smart' ready to eat.And who is not in the network does not exist.

Changing fast

Anthropologists say the changes are happening so fast that anything can happen in the next quarter century."In the future sensors take on the lapel of the jacket and we measure our vital parameters" , says Ricardo Ibarra, director of Institute of Nanoscience of Aragon.

'Right now, one of the main objectives is the Moon and Mars, "says Pedro Pérez-Zapardiel, director of the NASA station in Robledo de Chavela, which sets out the signals of the probes that traverse the Milky Way searching for planets similar to Earth.

Raw materials and overexploitation

Javier Solana: We have a plan B, we do not have a planet B

One of the more disturbing when you think of the future are the raw materials and the exploitation of them. "We are consuming resources at levels and a frenetic pace and, unfortunately, this can not continue" , says the geologist-oceanographer Adolfo Uriarte.

Javier Solana, former High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union, the preservation of our planet and everything related to climate change is a key global challenge for the future that requires immediate action "because there is only a planet. We have a plan B, we do not have a planet B ".

Bad omens and good intentions

Guess the future is crowded, interconnected, aged, more Asian, more dry ...

'Destination 2036' on a journey to the future, for many, uncertain.A route marked by bad omens and good intentions.Experts agree that there is evidence in all areas that we are in a very complex situation. "We've done things wrong and that in twenty or twenty-five years we could suffer a collapse of the species" predicts Eudald Carbonell, codirector of excavations at Atapuerca .

However, there will be breakthroughs in the investigation against certain diseases, smart clothes hydrate the skin and provide the necessary vitamins and designs of prostheses and implants with expectations spectacular.

The documentary 'Destination 2036' shows that in times of uncertainty, when the human being wonders about the future.And the world is submerged in this look at the future is crowded, interconnected, aged, more Asian, more dry and scientific and technological advances that we can scarcely imagine.

Meanwhile, according to some forecasts astronomical, a large asteroid, called Apophis, will pass very near Earth in 2036 .And some say that will impact her." LINK

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Constance Cumbey said...

Very excellent information. Thank you for watching! I cannot help but notice that the "European Union Satellite Centre" the successor in power and money to the WEU is headquartered in Madrid, Spain. Hmmmmm????