Thursday, June 30, 2011

Javier Solana: "Being against Europe is nonsense"

Soros, Solana, Budapest June 2011, Link

"Madrid, 30 jun (EFE) .- The former secretary general of NATO, responsible for Foreign Affairs of the European Union, Javier Solana, today defended the need for supranational institutions like the EU, which address global threats a world "uncertain, unsustainable and unfair."
This has been delivered at the launch of "Humanity Threatened: Governing Global Risks," edited by Solana himself and the professor of social and political philosophy, Daniel Innerarity, and presented today at the Graduate School of Management and Management (ESADE) in Madrid.
Solana said that "being against Europe is nonsense," because its supranational nature allows to decide on global issues.
Gave as an example of "free transfer of power" to the European Union and stressed the need to reflect on the concept of "nation state" (!), because in his view, it is necessary to undertake a "profound transformation" of its meaning other traditional design with a commitment to a supranational level.
"The problems are global and require global institutions for resolution," stated socialist politician, who pointed out that the lack of institutions capable of managing the European multipolarity of early and mid-century led to European countries suffer disasters such as world wars.
With regard to emerging countries, Solana has said that his appearance has shortened the distances between a state economic and others, while "have reminded us that there is a world to share", because until just a few years ago they had into account.
In addition, he referred to climate change as one of the global threats that will continue to face supranational bodies, since the current growth rate the planet can not provide enough resources.
"There is only one planet, or whether or caretaker, or leave a catastrophe for those coming behind," he said.
In this regard, said that tensions arising from the distribution of natural resources may lead to new dangers, like the water of the Nile river in Egypt, which governed a rule imposed during the British rule, which ignores the needs of Sudan or Ethiopia .
Solana also pointed out that although inequality has decreased over the twentieth century under medical advances that have prolonged things like life expectancy, significant disparities still exist between countries and others that also may lead to new threats.
"The globalized world has led to the emergence of new non-state actors" that have the capacity to act with global consequences, some of which are positive and non-governmental organizations and others such as Al Qaeda or negative Somali pirates, he explained." Link
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