Wednesday, June 29, 2011

social programming and global effects

Yesterday at a major conference has been announced the birth of a new College of International Studies (College Internationale de l'Etude Globale - C.I.E.G.) wich is just a working name for that coming institution, but already in builing progress- It is developed by the Global Foundation Maison des Sciences de l'Homme, as General Secretary Michel Wieviorka revealed under the name "neither god nor masters"-network, Link. From the 22 teaching Chairs he announced already twelve, among them Javier Solana, Manuel Castells, Ulrich Beck, Nancy Frazer, Michelle Foucher, Fernando Henrique Cadorso (former president of Brazil) and Leonel Fernandez (president of the Dominican Republic), who will get one of these Chairs. (Video from the announcement, in from minute 13:55, in French).

Manuel Castells is currently professor at the Annenberg School of Communication (University of Southern California) and leads the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute Barcelona University virtual world. After studying in France, Manuel Castells is Associate Director of Studies in sociology at the EHESS, and was appointed professor of sociology and urban and regional planning at the University of California, Berkeley.

The curriculum vitae of this Spanish sociological and informatic genius is well worth reading: LINK
Among others since 2009 he also advised the Vice-President of the EUROPEAN COMMISSION MARGOT WALLSTRÖM (remember "famous Cairo ENP speech blow new life into Barcelona-Process ") on the future direction of EU Communication Policy. LINK, LINK.

stay tuned!

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