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Solana: "this is just the beginning"

Soros and Solana yesterday in Budapest, source:epapressphotoageny

Budapest, June 16 ( EFE ) .- Former High Representative for EU Foreign Policy Javier Solana has stressed the importance of promoting the concept of open society, receiving in Budapest on "Civil Society Award" from the Central European University ( CEU ) .

Speaking to EFE before receiving the award, Solana said "it's a great idea" that the CEU continues to promote the idea of an open society, "not only in Eastern Europe, which is now part of the European Union (EU) but beyond its borders. "

The CEU awarded this distinction for 20 years whose accomplishments personalities have contributed substantially to the creation of open societies.

Former High Representative of the European Union for the Common Foreign and Security Policy and former secretary general of NATO said: "As usual for me these awards are not to look back, they are commitments to action, to continue working the same ideas. "

Upon receiving the award from Soros, Solana said that the award belongs to graduates.

The winners each year receive the distinction of the university, founded by Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros, after the ceremony of awarding diplomas to the graduates of the institution.

"This award is a call to continue fighting" to make this world a better place,

he said." LINK
"I am optimistic about the European Union, you will always find a way out from the crisis, and certainly will increase the EU's unity," - said Solana. He added that there is no doubt to the economic issues are resolved, the question is when and under what conditions. Wisely, to be deducted from the lessons of how institutional weaknesses contributed to the crisis - finding it.

After Solana is should happen, that the economic crisis damages the values ​​of open society and the state's role does not necessarily have to be strengthened. "These are global problems we are talking about, which are needed to be solved by global institutions" - he said. He explained, the G20 group and other such international cooperation frameworks should be given a bigger role.

The 69-year Solana - who between 1992 and 1995 Spanish foreign minister from 1995 until 1999, the North Atlantic military alliance Secretary-General, 1999 and 2009 between the European Union Council Secretary General, EU Common Foreign and Security Policy High Representative was - declined the criticism according to which the EU has no coherent foreign policy. He said he was part of the Lisbon conversion, and drew attention to the fact that there is only one and a half years since the transition. "Obviously there are still internal frictions, but then come the results, the EU will become more efficient" - he added.He also said that the consensus still has its limitations, is extremely difficult to find a consensus on many issues.

Javier Solana called it very important, named it revolutionary change in the assessment of the social change in North Africa. He said the now awake region wants to get back into the world's bloodstream, after the resulting prolonged exlusion after decades. Fantastic he called the young generation that stand up for their dignity to protect, not ask for money, but to help restore their dignity. "First of all, must be approached with respect to those fighting for their rights is very peaceful peoples, as has been achieved, which were previously unthinkable" - he said.He stressed that "this is just the beginning." The EU's southern neighborhood context, said: "It is our duty to be a companion, but do not steer these people in their own destiny in their own leaders."

He said, what the EU's southern neighborhood of, in no way hinder the progress of the EU's Eastern Partnership program. "The Arab Spring does not affect what we have achieved in the Eastern partners" - he said. While in North Africa and the Middle East very important events occur, "nothing will be the same any more", but the EU should continue its cooperation with the Eastern partners - he said.

Thanking for the planned first half of the Eastern Partnership Summit postponement he commented: "we have the ability to listen in two directions at the same time, both are of very important significance, the importance of the Eastern relations will remain important."

The Office of the Hungarian EU Presidency's aims is to question the Western Balkans European integration foster explained that Croatia's EU accession matters important progress has been made in recent weeks, Serbia is an important step in the war crimes suspects Ratko Mladic was the general's extradition. "This is probably a fundamental change in relations between the EU and Serbia, that was one serious issue to be addressed" - he explained. He is convinced that "the road was opened in front of Serbia towards EU membership," and he said, European leaders will decide it. He also stated the problem of Kosovo - Serbia's former province does not recognize the independence - to be settled, everyone is Belgrade's relations with Kosovo in order to be clarified.

Solana also said that in his opinion the EU should remain open, and sooner or later Turkey will also need to give. As said, you should upgrade to the European Union must keep open the doors for others. "Europe's diverse regions, the diversity of our destiny, all about the continent's history, should not be afraid of plurality" - he said. "

The former NATO Secretary General also said that killing Osama bin Laden in his opinion somewhat eased the threat posed by international terrorism. The al-Qaeda leader in its view, covering up a major blow to the terrorist organization - he said, and pointed out one of the most important future task will be to prevent that Afghanistan once again becoming a terrorist haven to hide". LINK
Javier Solana with 10 golden stars, source: metropol
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