Friday, June 24, 2011

Solana with FC Barcelona and Poland

before the start at at the end of the Hungarian half-years presideny of the Council of the European Union Javier Solana has been in Budapest to have his word. Now as from July on it is Poland's turn for a half year, he shows up with the former Polish President...interesting, as the former High Representatve of the CFSP of the EU is officially a retired gentleman...and FC BARCELONA is the place to meet...


"I am delighted with the play of the Barca players, congratulations, and I confess that I have great envy them." Thus concluded Kwasnievski Alexander, former president of Poland, his speech at the opening ceremony of `Pro Forum Future Have you held on Wednesday by Banc Sabadell.

The journalist, sports minister during the 80's and Olympic Committee President of Poland from 1995 to 2005, used his visit to Barcelona to express publicly his admiration for the Barca game.

The event also participated the politician Javier Solana, the creator of the forum with Kwasnievski, whose main objective is to launch a space in which to reflect on the future of the European Union."


see more pictures also here:

"The former Secretary General of NATO and High Representative for the "common security" of the EU, Javier Solana, has expressed confidence that the Polish presidency of the union will be overall "positive" and know the challenges it faces now same community, the first of which, he said, is the output of the economic and financial crisis with the best possible conditions.

Solana and the foreign secretary of the Generalitat, Xavier Florence, both highlighted the new "trio" of the EU presidency which starts in July, which consists of Poland, Denmark and Cyprus, will know to take decisions more convenient for the whole community, even if it means facing difficult situations." LINK

"The Foundation of the football club at FC Barcelona has explicit objectives to support the links between sport and conflict resolution. This was marked by FC Barcelona’s adhesion to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals and the donation of 0.7% of the club’s ordinary income to the Foundation to support its programmes and projects. This has led to the strengthening of our early alliances with Unicef, UNESCO and UNHCR. FC Barcelona was awarded a position as a member of the ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council of the United Nations) and has recently endowed a UNESCO Chair in Sport and Peacebuilding in partnership with the Open University of Catalunya to support and develop sport as a tool for social coexistence and the resolution of conflicts. The initiative has seen the launching of an Masters Degree, in Spanish and in English, in Sport, Social Cohesion and Conflict Resolution." LINK

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