Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Spain's involment in Middle East transition


The (Spanish) Secretary General for Defence Policy, Luis Cuesta, now amounted 3,594 the number of troops deployed in missions abroad.

During his participation in the XXIII International Seminar on Security and Defence New Paradigms of defense and security, "Cuesta said that at this time outside Spain has an" average "of 3,000 soldiers in missions such as Afghanistan, Libya, Lebanon, etc. , according to different Parlamanto authorizations.

In this regard, said the Ministry is doing a "remarkable effort to keep" These commitments, guaranteeing the safety of troops deployed and provide them with the necessary means.

Cuesta recalled that the defense budget for 2011 will feature the "austerity" and that in this line while still working and looks at other forms of financing such as public-private investment.

Besides this case, Cuesta said that we live in "a world of uncertainty, complexity and potentially dangerous" and to meet new challenges, Spain has adopted the National Defense Strategy "within days" adopted by the Council of Ministers. He said the strategy it has developed Javier Solana, is aimed to "protect, permanently, both interest are the values ​​and principles of Spanish society." It added, in a document "balanced" and "very advanced" compared to other countries.

Furthermore, on the Arab riots, Cuesta said that Spain has to play a "decisive role" on the future of the Arab countries "not only for their direct involvement as a Mediterranean country" but also by the "remarkable" experience that Spain would provide for democratic transition "exemplary" performance in his time." LINK

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