Tuesday, June 21, 2011

they want a "silla única" - a single chair

"The Prince of Asturias has encouraged today to join forces to meet challenges of globalization as a threat to peace, terrorism, human trafficking and the requirements for overcoming the economic crisis energy, environment, migration and health crises.
Don Felipe, who presided in the auditorium of the Museum of Prado's closing ceremony commemorating the tenth anniversary of the Elcano Royal Institute for International and Strategic Studies, pointed out that, precisely in today's "complex and difficult moments" is "most useful when may be the calm reflection, yet flexible "about the" grand challenges ". Link
Our country, he added, "has the ability to participate constructively in European and international forums, in the design and implementation of new instruments that undoubtedly will arise in order to contribute to better governance globalization. "

"To members of the board of the institute and former Prime MinisterFelipe González , the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation,Trinidad Jiménez , or former Secretary General of NATO Javier Solana , Prince Philip has championed the partnership between public and private that characterizes this center.

This form of cooperation at the Royal Elcano Institute, said, "is further proof of the desirability of joining the two spheres to serve an important common cause, to benefit the whole society."

After ensuring that the Real Instituto Elcano "falls short of the best" "think tank" of the world, has encouraged the institution to continue working "in the service of Spain" by offering a reflection "calm" but "agile" of " challenges "today." LINK

Javier Solana said there something about going back to a situation like in 1750. (I do not find the link) This was when South-America(Brasil) was divided between the world powers Portugal and Spain. Link. Today an Columbian article talks about the Bilderberg people dividing Latin America and Columbia and giving it to Spain. Link

For his part, former president of Caixa Catalunya and president of the International Centre for Opinion Research of Barcelona (CIDOB), Narcis Serra, noted during the roundtable "The economic crisis and the emerging powers Towards a new international order?" that Europe will not be a global player if no progress on integration.

The current economic crisis is, in his view, the "most serious" since 1929 and Europe must be aware that out of it "affect the international order," so if it does not direct its activities toward a "single seat" not succeed in having a role in the economic sphere and in relations between countries. LINK

2008: "In a balance report of the first 10 years of EMU, the Parliament regrets that, despite the increasing role of the euro in the world, the importance of the euro in international financial and monetary affairs has barely grown.

The EP calls for a single seat for the EU in international financial institutions

To increase the economic weight of the EU, MEPs advocate common positions and strengthen the representation through a single seat in international financial institutions and forums.They also urge Member States of the eurozone to speak with one voice on policy rates.
The European Parliament also calls for the EU to take the leading role internationally to reform the financial architecture for the benefit of global stability."

The full MEPs today called for a chair only for the EU institutions and international financial forums in order to increase the weight of the Union and the euro's international role."

"The Candidate: As I was saying, I trust you gentlemen to counteract centuries of misinformation españolista. The people of this earth must know their real historical roots ...

The Creative: What are according to you?

The Candidate: One hundred per cent British. Reputable studies at the University of Lancashire have concluded that the aborigines of this land, tall, burly, blond and blue eyes were nothing more than Anglo arrivals expedition to the archipelago years after the fall of the Roman Empire in the province of Britannia.

The Creative: Mother, with a little luck we can convince people that the baby Jesus was also born in Westminster ...

The Candidate: The very word "Guanche" is but one etymological derivation of "One Chair". The people of the clan's unique chair that matches our true ancestors canaries. We are One-Chairs! no "Guanches".

The Account Director: Amazing ...

The Creative: Jojojojojojojojo! A single chair to sit at all! For Mordor!"



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