Monday, July 25, 2011

...also it turns out Norway’s Mass Killer's manifesto was made by copying from the Unabomber Word for Word - Ted Kaczynski a known Victim of CIA Mind Control Experiments (Link), it still has parts that refer to a situation that was after the publishing of the original document (after 1995).

For example the following passage connects directly to Javier Solana, as he commanded the Air strikes agains Serbia in his function as NATO Secretary General in 1999. Now the text of mass-killer Behring mentions this event as the starting point of the pro-Islamic era in Europe, also refering to cultural Marxism, which makes him an outspoken enemy of Solana's actions.

This fact could bring trouble also for all "Solana-critical"-voices in the close future... the referred part:

"The time for dialogue is over. We gave peace a chance.The time has come for armed resistance. PCCTS, the Knights Templar on behalf of the free people of Europe, declare preventive war against the Marxist cultural / multi-cultural neo colonial regimes in Western Europe. We recognize that Europe has technically been in civil war since 1999, when European and American cultural Marxists / multiculturalists through NATO declared the attacks on the Christian Serb forces and deprived them the right to stop Islam in its native country. "

from the Manuscript published by Anders Behring Breivik (Dagbladet translation)Link+other parts of the Manifest were the killer writes explictly about Solana (12 times):p. 288, 294, 326, 341.
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