Monday, July 11, 2011

media under control

Almost unnoticed internationally the head of a group (SGAE) who is like Javier Solana member of the Board of the Spanish Royal Institute Elcano, Teddy Bautista was imprisoned.

"The General Society of Authors and Publishers ( SGAE ) is a private Spanish legally recognized as collective management, dedicated to the management of copyright of its partners, which include all kinds of artists and entrepreneurs in the business culture . It is an organization that manages the collection and distribution of copyright of the authors and also looks after the interests of publishers. The President of the Board is Teddy Bautista .

On July 1 , 2011, just a day after the victory of the candidate who led Baptist to head back the SGAE, he was arrested by order of the High Court , on charges of criminal misappropriation, forgery and misappropriation of funds, totaling approximately 400 million euros have been obtained thanks to the digital canon. He was taken into custody along with two other executives, for misappropriation and embezzlement in connection with an operation ordered by the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor in the Civil Guard conducted a search of the headquarters of the SGAE , following a complaint by the Association of Internet , the Internet Users Association , the Spanish Association of Small and Medium Enterprises Informatics and New Technologies (APEMIT) and the Spanish Association of Innkeepers Victims Canon (VACHE).

On July 3 he was released without bail and charged with three offenses: corporate, misappropriation and mismanagement. In addition, he removed his passport and barred from leaving the country.

Bautista, besides being president of the SGAE, he is member of the following corporations 3 :

He is also adminstrating 6 other companies:

"As president of the Society of Authors, Teddy Bautista is also a member of another Board, the Real Instituto Elcano, a private foundation founded in 2001. Asked by Europa Press, this institution has not wanted to make a statement.

The Board of this entity has 29 members, is chaired by Gustavo Suarez Pertierra and its members are people like Felipe Gonzalez, Javier Solana, Gabriel Elorriaga and Marcelino Oreja.

Alongside them, employers are also holders of four ministries (Finance, Foreign Affairs, Defence and Culture) and the presidents of a dozen companies and organizations, including the SGAE." Link

How close the ties are between SGAE and Solana can be seen here:

"The incomparable setting tad stale. The star was the Minister of Culture, Angeles Gonzalez-Sinde .The presenter nothing more and nothing less than Javier Solana. Besides the minister, still as Don Tancredo, Eduardo Bautista ( SGAE ), which was not separated from it. The SGAE organized the event. The Foundation Author ( SGAE + ) as well. We have been riding them the event and the next cycle. What you need to do ...

First spoke the former Secretary General of NATO , former Minister of Culture and perennial candidate for PRISA and the PSOE focused and respected - the Trinidad Jimenez - by gentlemen (and the daughter of Booty) holding the forum:

The minister has had great courage to get into a difficult path that others tried and we failed to do. Angeles Gonzalez Sinde is a great minister of culture characterized by "an enormous sense of the value of the public throughout his career. You're in the culture industry, culture and economy, and at a time of technological change. This is necessary for our country. In addition we will be okay .

We have said that the System Lords (and the daughter of Booty) are frugal with the accounts of theForum . Always pay the poor. But they have agreed to host a new forum , which is always the same, with the word "culture" in the panel and the logo of the SGAE , the Ministry of Culture and the Fundación Author ( SGAE +). The dominance of the old economy and old politics to the public in these rooms is common.

In this context, escorted by Solana and Bautista was not as loose as usual the minister. And that was not yet the question time. What he meant was his speech:

Refocus, rebuild our production model in the current economic environment is not an option. We are tracing the large-scale crisis since the Crash of 29. Parallel in the field of culture we are living only major changes comparable to those arising with the advent of the printing press or the industrial revolution. The greatest challenge before us is the successful completion of this traffic model analog to digital.
The second additional provision of the Sustainable Economy Act through Parliament and has sought to support this great opportunity to generate online culture with the guarantee of a balanced industrial model and future. The disappearance of the physical copy is and has been the weakness of the sector because it is exposed to looting if there are no clear rules, but is also your opportunity, your best virtue for the future because it allows immediate distribution and cheaper costs.

Then confuse the Advocate General at the Court of Justice of the European Union, Verica Trstenjak - named as such nor - with judges who "ruled ... the ¿sentence?", Which said then. "We will refine the mechanism and sit at the table again to find a consensus solution"

We played too much with the transition from analog to digital. It may be many, many industries along the way and what we find is that diversity has been reduced.

What was surprising yesterday was the aggressiveness with which he attacked the final Sinde intervention Mariano Rajoy . He did make public, she said, the hidden agenda of PP in the cultural "to halve the budget for culture and suppress Film Institute" as Cameron has done in the UK. Then he mitinera:

The PP trusted and remains confident economic growth to the brick and speculation, resulting in times of recession there are four million unemployed. The promoted by President Rodríguez Zapatero growth based on a change of the production model, where education, science, technology, innovation and culture are the odds

To the minister, the objective of some formations of the deletion of the Ministry of Culture "can only be described as reactionary and impoverishment," so is to strip the cultural politics of their higher rank in the administration.

A Gonzalez-Sinde also asked for the dismissal days ago from Ignasi Guardans as cinematographerand it made ​​the complaint that there is fraud in the subsidies granted to producers.

The Minister signed the termination of a change more than those that occur on your PC and the Administration, and fraud, threw a word to his former aide : "If you know that during his tenure was the fraud, I would advise to come to court, because it is an obligation of any public official. But the Administration is not aware exists. "Link see also LiNk.

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