Friday, July 01, 2011

Mr. Poland dances with Lady Europe

Europe with a golden star necklance(l) in dance with Poland(r)

watch it here:

"Warsaw is the scene of the premiere of Tomasz Bagiński’s 3D film promoting Poland’s Presidency of the EU Council (starting today July 01.2011) Dancing is the film’s leitmotiv.
Created by Tomasz Bagiński and the Platige Image company, the film is based on a waltz metaphor and the transformations to which Poland is inviting Europe. Its choreographer was Agustin Egurrola, and the music was composed by Adam Skorupa. The film took nine months to complete....

About the film:

We knew that the project of the Presidency would be an interesting and difficult challenge, mainly because of the expectations attached to it. A project of this kind, which concerns such an elusive issue as the promotion of a whole country, is a project in which everybody would have a different opinion and a different vision. The project should combine different visions and tastes, aim at being as universal as possible, and to a certain extent be the effect of a compromise, though not one which would make it boring. This resembles walking a tightrope, but this is what makes this project interesting.
Polandis the main character of the Presidency. The European Union is a great idea and it is the future of Europe but, for us, it is Poland that is now in the centre and this is reflected in our film. A Pole initiates the events in the film and it is he who changes the reality. Since we explore the space of symbols, allegories and somewhat poetic associations, dance seemed to be a natural way of depicting this change.
In our movie, Europe is a beautiful, yet cold woman closed in an icy and architectonically austere space (farmer: which reminds to the novel "Ice Angel" illustrated by the maker of the film). On the surface it lacks nothing. The space is well designed, though it is a down-to-earth design. Europe in the first scenes is very beautiful, but lifeless. In a gap between the buildings there a man appears. In o ur film this is a symbol which represents Poland. This new character invites Europe to dance and he makes her and the surrounding architecture more vivid, and brings them to life. At the end of the film, although seemingly we leave the very same space, a smile tugs at the corner of Europe’s mouth, the light is much warmer and more positive, and the gap between buildings is bridged by a new building: Poland, as it may be guessed..." LINK

Film director Tomasz Baginski has also made the short films "The Cathedral"(of which President Obama received a copy by Poland's MP Donald Tusk), "Fallen Art"(In an old forgotten military base far from civilization, a group of deranged military officers nurture their insanity), and created the cinematics of the computer game "The Witcher". Link

"Do you think such a film requires a substantial knowledge about policy or the Union?

- I try to policies that do not mix. I always put on a fairly universal ideas that fit, regardless of political preference. It seems to me that all the pages of our political spectrum agree that to the outside Poland should speak with one voice. And we should then focus on the things that we can do, and not on those that do not go. If not policy on the presidency, then what? - For me it is something else - I want my films change thinking abroad, about what it is Poland and the Poles can. Only in the second place, we merytorykę and content that there must be found." Link

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