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on Arafat's death

Today 2011.July 14 - Javier Solanas birthday - newspaper Haaretz puplishes an article on the strange circumstances of then Palestinean leader Yassir Arafat's death in November 2004 in Paris with the direct involment of Javier Solana (as him beeing in Israel at that time and offering treatment for Arafat in Paris). Javier Solana had been in Israel the week before Arafat was flewn into Hospital to Paris. This has been well documented in the interview Solana gave with the German newspaper der Spiegel, which was published 2004 October 25, were he announces changes in the relation between Israel, Europe and the Gaza question.
On the next two days October 26 and 27 the 7-year-treaty with the EU named ENP was discussed in the Israelian Knesset (during which opponents of the treaty with many were named for having a "messianic complex") and voted for.
In the same week the orginial European Constitution was signed by the Eurpoean leaders in Rome and Arafat was flewn to hospital were he died 2 weeks later. The rest is history.

Here the part of the mentioned interview:

"SPIEGEL: There is another area in which the EU's involvement has not been particularly successful. You were partly responsible for developing the so-called Roadmap for Peace in the Middle East, which by now has become irrelevant for Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Can the same be said for the EU's role in the Middle East?

Solana: No. It is critical that we continue to adhere to the concept of the roadmap. The only place where the idea of two states - Israel and Palestine - is firmly established is in a resolution by the Security Council. And that is the resolution that supports the roadmap.

This is why it is indispensable. A few elements that may accelerate the process could be added to the roadmap by early November.

SPIEGEL: And what would they be?

Solana: We want to make sure, probably together with the Egyptians, that the Palestinian security forces are able to do their work.

SPIEGEL: What does that mean? Are you planning on sending them weapons?

Solana: We will send well-prepared people, so that the Palestinians have a sensible command structure and the tools to fulfill their duties. We intend to put all of our energy into establishing security. Otherwise, there can be no Palestinian state. Of course, President Yassir Arafat would also have to do his part and give his prime minister the necessary authority.

SPIEGEL: But none of that makes any sense as long as Israel ignores the roadmap.

Solana: Sharon wants to begin withdrawing from the Gaza Strip. However, he must also pledge that the withdrawal from Gaza is the first stage in a process that will lead to a withdrawal from all occupied territories. If he claims that withdrawal from Gaza is all that needs to be done, and that this will automatically lead to peace, we will not support him. That would be a nightmare, not a dream." Link

...and from today's Haaretz article:

"In late October 2004, Javier Solana, the European Union's foreign minister, visited Israel. "In the middle of a meeting with us," Weissglas (attorney Dov Weissglas, the director of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's bureau) recalled, "he got a call from the Palestinians, who reported that there was deterioration in Arafat's health. He asked of me that we allow him to leave the Muqata and see a doctor. I called Arik and he responded that Arafat should be permitted to leave for medical tests in Ramallah. The next day, Solana called me and said that even though it is unclear what illness he has, the tests revealed that Arafat's condition is serious and he asked that we allow him to get better and more organized treatment in Europe, and that was unavailable in Ramallah."

A meeting of senior defense officials was convened to discuss the request. IDF and intelligence officials objected and argued that his medical condition is not serious. They suspected that Arafat would recover quickly, travel around abroad, and mobilize public opinion against Israel which would then be required to return him to Ramallah. Sharon decided to go against their position. "Even before that, on one occasion, the possibility was raised that the IDF would go into the Muqata, forcibly remove Arafat and then we would put him on a plane abroad. But when Arik realized the operation was complex and might encounter problems, and end in Arafat's injury, he ruled it out. Now, given the requests of Solana and the Palestinians, Arik decided to allow Arafat's immediate airlift to France for medical treatment. He was worried that Arafat's death inside the Muqata would do serious diplomatic damage to Israel because it had prevented him from receiving medical treatment that could save his life."

Arafat was flown to the military hospital in Paris. Initially it was reported that his condition was improving, but after two weeks it deteriorated and he died. The French government published a murky notice and the cause of his death could not be understood from it, further stoking the rumor mills and conspiracy theories. Even today the doctors who treated him and the hospital directors refuse to lift the veil of secrecy shrouding Arafat's death, and did not respond to Haaretz's queries on the matter."


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