Friday, July 15, 2011

Solana asked not to go on "holilday" without solving the problem of Greece

07.15.2011 / 14:30
"Solana made this reflection in remarks to reporters before closing the circle
"compound time. XXIII Seminar on Central Europe"
as part of the Summer Courses of the University of the
Basque Country in San Sebastian develops.

Javier Solana pointed out that the monetary amount that went to the "first phase" of the rescue of Greece "was not enough," so that it will take a "second" must be "fixed soon" because you can not leave "the long run and catch us."

After recommending "tenacity and energy" and address the issue "wisely," said the "fundamental problems" of the second rescue of Greece passes that some countries like Germany, would like not to make it "strictly" to " contributions "in the States but also with private sector contributions.

The former president has admitted that Europe is not easy "technically" and therefore the question is how to do it "without implying that Greece fails to pay" something "is not acceptable because most likely rub off and affect other countries EU creating a bigger problem. "

Solana has also held that there should be no more formal meetings to discuss the matter until the solution is not "mature", as these meetings "raise expectations" in the markets we "expect things" that "then do not go," and as Consequently, after "up the differences compared to German bonds."

In any case, has clarified that the problem is not only European but also there is "a serious American problem," because if the U.S. Republicans and Democrats can not agree its "debt ceiling before August 1" the situation will become "very complex".

"The United States would no longer pay what they owe and that was a major concern in global economic life, because we must not forget that the U.S. remains the world's leading economic power and what happens there is very important."

It also revealed that the current economic crisis is no longer a "global crisis" because emerging countries such as Turkey, China and Indonesia "are all growing" at levels of 6, 7 and 8%, while those U.S. EU and Japan "are those who are growing less and they now have a bigger problem."

Solana has alluded the other hand the modification of the free circulation of the Schengen border-free Europe, agreed at the last European summit, to criticize "question of finding or exceptions or readings that are less engaged in the line" of this agreement.

"Trying to reduce the external border and to more or less realistically, positions of internal borders that I think is wrong and against the treaty," insisted the Spanish politician.

He has admitted, in this sense that Denmark "has a certain right" to change its position on Schengen because he did include in its moment, but criticized "the other countries that are trying to harden" the treaty."I do not feel well," he insisted.

"There's a bit of hypocrisy, and this new kind of populism that is emerging in Europe in the heat of the crisis I do not like," he concluded.EFE cl / ab LINK


Anonymous said...

"'I do not feel well,' he insisted."

Apparently the very good doctor's health is dependent upon the general state of EU affairs, given that he has devoted his life to same for the last 15 years. God forbid that the EU should go into a tailspin, so to speak. Fwiw.

Anonymous said...

they just can't seem to get along without his presence can they? the eu is a shipwreck and they want their "captain" on deck apparently...