Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Bat Ye-Or in German TV

major TV station in Germany interviews Bat Ye-Or. (in German, Bat Ye-Or in English)
Bat Ye-Or(r.) with journalist(l.) nearby her residence in Switzerland.
Her name keeps up popping up in mass-killer Breiviks paper "2083" as a main influence for his ideology.
Questioned, she does not deny having sent Breivik documents or blessing to allow him using her writings, she just says she never had met with him, does not know who this man was. She says "I'm just a scientist. I do research in scientific papers, which can be seen at the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs" Then she declares her sympathy with Dutch right-wing populist Geert Wilders. Questioned if she feels kind of partly responsible for what happened she reacts "Not at all." In a clever way she keeps the journalist foccused on the right-winger theory not mentioning her collaboration with her husband David Littmann PhD and his friend New Ager activist René Wadlow, also living near Geneve, Switzerland. Here, with them, she seems to work on a "slightly" different agenda:
more on Wadlow can be found here:
It is vain to ask: can we trust in Lucifers' Trust?

and at this time we find the following article today:
"The killing of Oslo has raised fears about all the far-right parties in the European Union. First, the Commissariat of Internal Affairs of the Union, Cecilia Malmström said - five days after the slaughter, the importance of working with preventive measures to keep people "with extreme ideologies move from words to deeds." Later, Malmström announced that the interior ministers of the Twenty-tested in September, the "radicalization and xenophobia."
In Spain, the Security Strategy presented by Javier Solana warned last June in just six lines the need to combat all forms of intolerance, racism and xenophobia and promote dialogue with the religious confessions of immigrant populations, especially Islam."

things that make you go hmmm....

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