Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Bibi agrees over 67' lines?

"TV: Israel agrees to negotiate over pre-'67 lines
Associated Press

JERUSALEM: In a dramatic policy shift, Israel's prime minister has agreed to negotiate the borders of a Palestinian state based on the cease-fire line that marks off the West Bank, according to a TV report.

Up to now, Benjamin Netanyahu has refused to spell out his plan for negotiating the border. A senior Israeli official would not confirm outright that the prime minister was now willing to adopt the cease-fire line as a starting point, but said Israel was willing to try new formulas to restart peace talks based on a proposal made by President Barack Obama..."LINK

on Twitter (time Europe 4pm):

Javier Solana:
will it be true? "@ DailyStarLeb: TV: Israel agree to negotiate over pre-'67 linesbit.ly/nZM7Qb"
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DEMANDING exigente2
@ javiersolana Very well, But Why the UN does not intervene to stop the slaughter of Syria? Why mantenéis the satrap his father's son?
6 hours ago

max1941 max1941
@ @ javiersolana DailyStarLeb not think so, no justice and legal .-
6 hours ago

Javier Solana:
intensified concerns about the UN declaration recognizing Palestinian State in September.
6 hours ago

Javier Solana
Yes I am very much..And I have been pushing within my capacities for UN action.It has to stand up.
4 hours ago via web

Hermann hermanntertsch Tertsch
@ javiersolana: I understood despite the betrayals of the spell are a permanent danger. Hopefully everything is confirmed. something moves.
6 hours ago
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Javier Solana to
@ hermanntertsch esperemos.He twit erased the possible move to avoid malentendidos.Law linked to Bibi in September.
5 hours ago via Web"

stay tuned!

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