Thursday, August 11, 2011

  • "Foreign funds gays to spread their "legal status" in the EU

    Allocates more than 300,000 euros to subsidize activities 'lobbies' related to the Executive. A delegation of CCOO and the foundations of Solana and Mr Solbes, among graceful. The laboratory of ideas PSOE has the highest level.

  • David Martinez.

    Continued waste of public money by the Government, which is determined not to leave to return with succulent and substantial subsidies favors certain lobbies and pressure groups are doing social will for years. Yesterday saw a new chapter on this subject with the publication in the Official Gazette of a whole string of aid granted by the Secretary of State for the European Union, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a progressive foundations for the most and whose Historical charts are taken by members of the PSOE, many of them still active major party.

    Thus, among the organizations that were benefiting from the generosity of the Executive are, for example, the Association of Lesbian and Gay Families, which carries a grant of 7,000 euros justified with the assertion that will be used for the "diffusion of legal and social situation "of these families" in Spain and Europe. " The Government understands that these efforts, we club together, like conferences Catalunya Foundation Europe, chaired by former President of the Generalitat, Pasqual Maragall, will organize the "First Trio Presidencies of the European Union" . Three thousand euros for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to finance these roundtables.

    Virtually no friend of the association is exempt from the gifts in the Official Gazette published yesterday. CIDOB Foundation, chaired by former Defense Minister and former Deputy Prime Minister Felipe Gonzalez, Narcis Serra, takes 7,000 euros to develop a project that will discuss "a new strategy for the European Neighbourhood Policy dimension East and the Mediterranean. " This organization has as its honorary president of another historic socialism, the former secretary general of NATO, Javier Solana...."


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