Monday, August 08, 2011

London streets on fire

source: The SUN, Link
Firefighters battle a large fire that broke out in shops and residential properties in Croydon
Rioting has spread across London with cars and buildings set alight
on a third night of unrest, with trouble flaring up in other English cities.

With the unrests in Tunesia, Lybia, Egypt,...I expected also riots
in the streets of London, Paris, Berlin to come...
However, even after we have seen those in Paris in 2005 and bus bombing London (7/7) already, it still seemed too far off. Not here in "civilized Europe"...?!
but now I dare to write what I have told before, we will even see the Eiffel tower burning.
Maybe not this year, but soon after...
picture from "Facebook-party"

stay tuned!

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