Tuesday, August 02, 2011

"Three Nobel laureates in economics will try to answer the question "Do you serve for something social sciences?" in this festival of social science.

Douglass North , Kyndland Finn and Erik Maskin will be special guests of the Social Science Festival Salamanca. With them we can see other researchers as the Prince of Asturias Award, Antonio Damasio , politicians like Javier Solana or science writers like Eduard Punset .


The Federation of Studies in Applied Economics has been commissioned to organize the S3F. This is a scientific dissemination event of international scope, whose program will address topics such as what we know about the currency economy, banks and comparative advantages, and it's worth experimenting or if possible a coherent economic policy in time.

The festival includes informative lectures of the three Nobel but also lectures, discussions and coffee gatherings where a more relaxed atmosphere will attempt to answer questions varied as: "Why serve to love the diamonds being useless?" Who rules the world of international finance?, you really need all this math in social science? ".

In addition, try to explain the whole issue of the Arab riots, the international financial crisis and climate change, among other topics.


From 2011, all early October, come to Salamanca fifty of the best scientists and social scientists from different disciplines, intellectual approaches and countries. For three days, ask them to focus their intellectual efforts in interesting questions - from why diamonds facilitate emotional relationships to what role central banks do to alleviate the financial crisis - and discuss these issues with students from the universities of Salamanca, Spain and, hopefully, in Europe, with fellow academics, professionals or just interested citizens.

"What is the reason why we do this?" They ask from the official website. "Just to discover, experience, the social sciences are used to something," he said.


The S3F have Facebook and Twitter presence. The main conference will be broadcast in streaming (online). They also install giant screens in the Plaza Mayor of Salamanca, as well as monitors in classrooms and Salamanca Pontifical universities to continue the discussions."



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