Thursday, October 20, 2011

ban on rating agencies

Michael Barnier, Javier Solana, Thessaloniki 2003,
Javier Solana and Michael Barnier, March 2005/REUTERS/Thierry Roge


"...Javier Solana, has questioned the neutrality of the rating agencies, because their leaders have been part of the cause of the crisis.

In an interview with Catalunya Radio collected by Europa Press, Solana has argued that "the powers that these agencies are again many of them are involved in the problem and who created it." Link

FRANKFURT / MADRID, Oct 21 - "The European Commission is considering a possible ban on rating agencies from publishing
their assessments of EU countries in difficulty, the Financial TimesDeutschland reported on Thursday.

The European Union's commissioner for internal markets and services Michel Barnier has drawn up a draft

proposal empowering the new European Securities and Markets Authority to"temporarily prohibit" agencies

from publishing their analyses on a country's solvency, the newspaper said."


Michael Barnier as well as Javier Solana are also linked trough Bilderbergers and Bilderberger Chairman Viscount Etienne Davignon's "Friends of Europe"-Club. Link

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Anonymous said...

Tyrants of all shades think they can censor the truth. Religion does it and so do governments.
The USA remains unique in its belief in free speech. Europe and most of its colonies never understood the concept. Today in Canada,South Africa and around the world many join Europe in thinking they must moderate someones comments before allowing them to see the light of day. The truth will be known even if it only occurs at the judgment day.I would not wish to imagine that I would arrive at the judgment seat of Christ to find I had censored Christ. Today Europe may be censoring financial reports but in the end they will do the same with religion. When they find they cannot succeed dictatorships then delete the person they wish to censor by banning. Remember the Greeks used a black stone to ban someone for ten years. They considered banning Pericles. Socrates could have probably accepted banning had he been willing to see his words suppressed. He chose not to fight banning because to do so would go against the whole tenor of his life.