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(google translated from Spanish)Photo: Pedro Madueño
"I am 69 years: Do I learn to live with good people and also to the ungrateful and insolent, like the eye with the eyelid ¿. Married, with two children. I appreciate loyalty over loyalty. President at the ESADE Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics . The warmth helps up to fight."

"The last war in the Balkans, I visited Ljubljana, Slovenia and an old man took my arm, "Look there: the other side of the river is my home and without having moved in my life I have lived it in seven different countries" .

He said it with pain relief. Do you know what is happening in Europe now? Do you know what's behind all these hesitations on the debt of countries and the resurgence of a certain economic nationalism?

For the generations that come to power are forgetting wars. Remember that many of the founders of Europe had lived through two world wars. And then came the Cold War.

¿Germany also also forgetting?
Germany made a great effort the European and national Franco-German axis, but always, every impulse behind Europe, was the pain and relief after the war.

¿No longer feared Germany itself?
The wall fell, and when Kohl was determined to unify the two Germanys, Mitterrand and Thatcher snapped, "We both Germany we prefer to have two." Kohl supported Spain.And rightly so, because what led to Kohl and his entire generation was not nationalism, but Europeanism. Again, pain moved him past and the future European relief.

Do not pay all that unification?
Spain supported it without hesitation and Germany made a huge effort to complete successfully, but failed to meet the Maastricht deficit targets.

And I forgive the breach.
After the German Chancellor Schröder made another great effort, which now allows them to be better, but we must remember that Germany is the great beneficiary of the European single market.

Do you propose Eurobonds?
Yes, I propose.

Are not a transfer of income from the German core to the periphery?
Be part of that story about the enthusiasm for the future of Europe, which is to replace fear and relief of the past. And, besides, we have no alternative to China, India, Indonesia, Korea, and the whole thrust of Asia and Brazil and Latin America ... They are huge countries with large populations against which we can not compete isolated.

Does the size and mass are an advantage?
Think, for example, there are at least eleven European countries smaller in population than the big Chinese...Cities!

Merkel doesn't look concerned at all-and often only-by their constituents?
Get to know Angela and their parents. I asked to respond to her inaugural address as a doctor honoris causa from the University of Leipzig and we had dinner together.

Lutheran pastor's daughter.
Pastors: so are her father and mother. But the austere style of the chancellor seems to always view the same suit, not a reflection subsidiary. Mrs. Merkel wants to give the impression that it is not for frivolity: she works.

And next to Sarkozy gets it.
Sarkozy is mainly Latin and with gestures.

What these high-level meetings you not smile without saying anything?
Sometimes shaking hands exhibit says more than words.

Solana's hugs were legendary.
That is a caricature that does not bother me: it is better to create empathy that antipathy, but never forgetting the content, of course. You must be friendly while still being effective.

¿Cordial to what extent?
No hug hurts. The cordiality and apply it in my own life-support up to fight. And it's stupid to add superb gestures when we have agreements difficult to achieve.

How the digital age yet decided the human factor?
That's what diplomacy is different from football: if you have to play in the generation of Messi, win every game. The same is true for statesmen. If you are living with a great statesman in front of your country, you win.

Would not you rather a society that depended on the quality of your state?
No doubt it would be to achieve a great team with or without Messi. But as my friend the entrepreneur Pau Garcia-Mila twenties: "Born in a generation without heroes has the advantage that you can note also doing small things."

Are you comfortable teaching?
I try to give back to society part of what has given me. And I like to teach in Barcelona: my father also taught at the IQS.

Give me a council diplomat.
Take care and take the first impression you give and they give you. Is critical and there is no second first impression.

You would not have gone wrong: Solana said that the network is still powerful.
Let's say I have specialized in first impressions and I have had, as you said, an instinct for recognizing people.

The best first impression?
Bill Clinton. We still call each other. And I also had a memorable last impression, the widow of my friend Yitzhak Rabin, Leah, a woman of great character, who called me from the hospital where she was dying to say goodbye. I can not forget the courage of that call." Link

and an other one from euronews TV (starting at 8:40):
"This week also the media have echoed a letter signed by prominent political figures in calling on European leaders and radical immediate action to resolve the crisis.

Javier Solana, one of the signatories, has been Secretary General of NATO and EU High Representative for Common Foreign and Seguridad.Y is currently board member of the European Council on Foreign Relations.

"Welcome to Euronews. You, like other historic Europe, were reproaches now be criticizing the system from within, for within ten years were when no one foresaw the crisis and its consequences. "

Javier Solana: "What happens is you have to react to the realities that one is, do not react to what is not on the agenda, but to what is now on the agenda. And what is fundamental is that the EU is able to respond quickly requires a facility that is of fundamental importance in international affairs and international economic life. And that is what is called in this letter, an appeal to the political leaders of today, the EU, to take decisions that have to be taken and taken quickly. "

Euronews: "The letter is accused of too little too late the measures taken so far by the governments of the eurozone. What should be the priority at this time? "

Javier Solana: "I think right now what is essential is that the governance of the euro zone is much more agile governance, much faster, and with a determination so far may not have seen."

Euronews: "To ensure that in future respect the rules on taxation, will it need to create new structures or sufficient to reinforce the existing ones?"

Javier Solana: "I think you have to take seriously the issues and strengthen the structures seem to me well. I think we should be directed towards the creation of what we might call a European Treasury ministry. The idea of ​​having a commissioner who was in charge of budgetary stability in different countries is a good idea. And that is where you have to walk. Making governance or the governance of the eurozone in a more efficient, faster, more determined and meet everyone. "

Euronews: "But the office of commissioner of the Stability Pact already exists, Mr. Oli Rehn is."

Javier Solana: "No, what you're talking about now is a person or a commissioner responsible only for the stability of each of the countries from the budgetary point of view, that is, debts or deficits can be check in a much more explicit and much faster than you can do now. If the commissioner can do that now exists, bless him, great. But there is a person either this or another that has the task of clear and convincing ".

Euronews: "Analysts, especially whites, say that in Europe there is a strong collusion between banking, business and politics. And this delay any decision making. Do you agree? "

Javier Solana: "I do not agree with that. I see that in many countries of the Anglo-Saxon world that collusion is much stronger than that found in Europe. In Europe it is quite separate roles of each, the financial system is the financial system, there are some organs that regulate and control the financial system should be, and as it should have not only in the euro area but internationally. " LINK


Anonymous said...

No, we don’t need an EU political suicide to overcome the euro-zone crisis. We just need to recall an episode of the rich European tradition: the moment Alexander decided to cut the Gordian knot that nobody could untie, because it was too intricate. After that the precious chariot could move forward."

Another way to say " Europe needs a swift and determined governance"
would be to say Europe needs someone to cut the Gordian Knot.

Anonymous said...

Some ancient manuscripts designate the number as "616, " but "666" has the incontrovertible support of all the oldest and best manuscripts. Irenaeus points out that scribes changed the number to "616" to align with the Roman emperor Caligula.

I came across this today and thought it worth posting for others to see. I am not yet able to prove that Irenaeus states this but it is interesting.

RomaLynn said...

Yes Irenaeus did state this I have read his works, Against Heresies and it is in there. Let me get the correct reference to it for you.

Irenaeus, Against Heresies, Book V, Chapter 30:

1. Such, then, being the state of the case, and this number being found in all the most approved and ancient copies [of the Apocalypse], and those men who saw John face to face bearing their testimony [to it]; while reason also leads us to conclude that the number of the name of the beast, [if reckoned] according to the Greek mode of calculation by the [value of] the letters contained in it, will amount to six hundred and sixty and six; that is, the number of tens shall be equal to that of the hundreds, and the number of hundreds equal to that of the units (for that number which [expresses] the digit six being adhered to throughout, indicates the recapitulations of that apostasy, taken in its full extent, which occurred at the beginning, during the intermediate periods, and which shall take place at the end)—I do not know how it is that some have erred following the ordinary mode of speech, and have vitiated the middle number in the name, deducting the amount of fifty from it, so that instead of six decads they will have it that there is but one. [I am inclined to think that this occurred through the fault of the copyists, as is wont to happen, since numbers also are expressed by letters; so that the Greek letter which expresses the number sixty was easily expanded into the letter Iota of the Greeks.] Others then received this reading without examination; some in their simplicity, and upon their own responsibility, making use of this number expressing one decad; while some, in their inexperience, have ventured to seek out a name which should contain the erroneous and spurious number. Now, as regards those who have done this in simplicity, and without evil intent, we are at liberty to assume that pardon will be granted them by God. But as for those who, for the sake of vainglory, lay it down for certain that names containing the spurious number are to be accepted, and affirm that this name, hit upon by themselves, is that of him who is to come; such persons shall not come forth without loss, because they have led into error both themselves and those who confided in them. Now, in the first place, it is loss to wander from the truth, and to imagine that as being the case which is not; then again, as there shall be no light punishment [inflicted] upon him who either adds or subtracts anything from the Scripture, Revelation 22:19 under that such a person must necessarily fall. Moreover, another danger, by no means trifling, shall overtake those who falsely presume that they know the name of Antichrist. For if these men assume one [number], when this [Antichrist] shall come having another, they will be easily led away by him, as supposing him not to be the expected one, who must be guarded against.