Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Nobody ever said that the road to stronger global governance would be straight or simple to navigate. But there are no detours: without effective structures of power and a genuine commitment from all players, the future does not look promising for global stability and prosperity."

Javier Solana



Anonymous said...

I am very familiar with Solana's career past and present. I know how influential he has been and continually tries to be.

But, isn't he past his sell date? I am just not seeing his rise to past days of glory.

Why the obsession?

Anonymous said...

he is more active retired than he was before. he laid the groundwork while working within that eu system and now is it's greatest spokesman and promoter furthering his "labor of love" like none other. his network of influential people is on the move and he looks to be everywhere at once pulling them all together. following him for years now...he is more powerful than ever. he speaks constantly and they are-to get biblical-"great swelling words" alright......

RomaLynn said...

I agree with the second anonymous, he is honored and part of everything going on right now. You could say maybe, Solana is the one with the obsession.

He is still well worth watching in this time in Europe.

Good job, Bjorn