Sunday, October 02, 2011

Solana fiscal policy commitment of the EU and Eurobonds

(googletranslation from Spanish:)

"The president of the Global Economy Center at ESADE, Javier Solana, who was primarily responsible for EU foreign policy, has pledged today for common European tax policy and issue Eurobonds to exit the current situation.

Solana spoke today at the Second National Meeting of Directors of the Association for the Advancement of Management (APD) with the lecture "The world today."

He noted that Europe is one of the buildings constitutional "nicer" he has known, where a group of countries have given freely of their sovereignty to a superior body, without war or conflict, what some consider "unthinkable" until recently .

He emphasized the creation of the euro and that until 2008 were comparable in the European economy than Japan or the United States.

To exit the current economic and financial crisis, Solana has opted for a genuine union of the Fiscal Policy of the European Union and having to produce "accountability mechanisms" such as Eurobonds.

But noted that is a "damned" word because the Germans would put "a little nervous," but the important thing is that "progress is being made," he said, and this week will be decisive.

Solana added that the economic crisis has no solution if not global, although it is difficult by cultural differences..." (sic)


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Anonymous said...

this "nimrod" (solana) sure believes in the superior "tower of babel" he has been building doesn't he?