Friday, November 11, 2011

Club of Rome strategy


1972 Dennis L. Meadows wrote the ground-breaking study "The Limits of Growth".
In 2011, the Economist is close to desperation.
A conversation about the euro, oil and gardening.
by Jan-Christoph Wiechmann

Professor Meadows is the world be saved?

What do you mean?

You have just painted in the German Parliament, the Bundestag, the impending apocalypse on the wall: climate change, overpopulation, debt crisis.

Believe me, I have tried to be optimistic. If I had been totally honest, it would have completely discouraged the politicians....

from page 2:

Currently, there is still no crisis.

It will come very suddenly, there will be shortages and outages, as politicians have to respond. When Russia had crop failures, it just stopped the export of wheat. One day the Germans are waking up and realize that China is in possession of rare raw materials and Germany are no longer so cheap. Because we think that is only short term, we are approaching a time of extreme crisis, with many physical effects such as climate change and oil shortages. If you're not prepared for the crisis, chaos follows. Since people prefer the order of freedom, leading to more authoritarianism.

They said the parliamentarians something which drove the fear in their face: "If you are not realistic, democracy will disappear."

It surprises me that I must convince them, given their recent history. Even in the U.S. that is possible. Suddenly, they may kill U.S. citizens in Yemen. The law does say something else, but we determine simple: The law does not apply. If people choose between order and freedom, they must always choose order.This is cross-culturally so in Germany, Russia, America. They did after the 11th September saw when we gave up many freedoms....

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Is the stage being set?
Remember Javier Solana and New age Guru Ervin Laszló
are high ranking Club of Rome members.

stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

Javier Solana is a member of the Trilateral commission, Club of Rome,Bilderbergers and Aspen groups.
Too bad we are unable to determine if he is the most connected of all of these organizations. Are Soros,Kissinger etc equally connected? He remains a fascinating possibility. Tim Geither is a member of the trilateral commission and one must wonder how and why he received that invitation and when.