Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lord of the boards: "open your eyes"


Solana outlined the threeway-

new world order

  • "Germany has to understand that one can not escape the crisis," said the former Minister of Foreign Affairs on the crisis
  •   Solana outlined the new world order three-way

    "Few people are able to draw with broad strokes and in just half an hour and a map of current international relations as accurate and contextualized as Javier Solana .

    At a conference organized by the chair "la Caixa" Economy and Society, the Spanish EXPOLIT has shown a rich world view, from his extensive experience as Foreign Minister, Secretary General of NATO, and High Representative for Foreign Policy Council and Security Policy of the European Union to discuss the crisis, the United States , the Arab Spring or unstable role of the European Union in changing and unpredictable times.

    More Europe

    Regarding the economic crisis, Solana has warned that only comes out of the crisis "with measures to promote employment and productivity," all at a good pace and enough to create economic growth, but at a rate at which can also go the peripheral countries of the eurozone. With the debt crisis spreading peripheral countries including Austria andFrance , the EXPOLIT has said that " Germany can no longer close our eyes " and that the only solution passes through a greater unity between states .

    Europe must understand that "the G7 are over" , and now are the U.S., the European Union and China who play the game of chess to three bands of the global elite. "From Spain we do not believe what is happening in the world, and we will do well only if we adapt," said the exmandatario, but has clarified that the role of emerging countries is crucial. He stressed the trajectory of China, which has emerged from the dictatorship of Mao in a very short period and whose younger generation will "live the moment to become world's largest economy."

    Transition to democracy

    On the Arab Spring , Solana has clarified that Tunisia and Egypt have three fundamental things that should dump now: provide opportunities for the large young population, a public sector modernization and efforts to combat corruption. Gave as an example to Indonesia and Turkey, examples of countries that have successfully completed the transition to democracy, and added that the specific case of Egypt will be "key" and that the West has to strive to "do well" next steps in the African country.

    For it was with Gonzalez foreign minister, two countries will play a key role in the Islamic world in the coming years: Turkey , which seeks to occupy the important role they once had, and Iran , whose situation is "more complex" represent a Shiite country with "universal" and possess nuclear material.

    Pakistan, the new threat

    Bin Laden's murder has led to the weakening of Al Qaeda , but also a resurgence of tensions between the U.S. and Pakistan, said Solana. The country has taken to come to China and Saudi Arabia, creating a connection that will be talking about in the coming years.

    Special mention should be Japan , a country that is beginning to replace copies of his crisis, but that has plunged the world into a crossroads on energy model to follow, delaying the new commitment to nuclear energy. "The beginning of the XXI century is proving to be completely unpredictable," concluded the exmandatario."



    Constance Cumbey said...

    Thanks for this report. I've had my hands pretty full with the "Occupy Wall STreet" / "Occupy the World" stuff.


    Anonymous said...

    1) I consider it interesting that the original article in the Spanish paper has yet to receive comment by any reader and yet on this site and others less worthy there are already comments.
    2) I consider JS's comments less important than the actual fact that he is willing to even comment. He may or may not be saying anything others may see and understand but he feels capable and worthy to comment. This freedom partly derives from his position outside of official government and his maturity.
    3) He conveniently is outside of the arena while the crisis bubbles and presents itself and may yet conveniently be available to step in at the right moment to "solve" the problems.
    4) He will have the solutions because just like Alexander the Great he may be willing to use force, and crush others in a manner others are not. I suggest a lot of so called genius is really evil unmasked. Such delving into evil pathways solves problems for the short term. A Hitler will take any move to obtain his ends while a George Washington will retire. Fools and dictators rush in where angels fear to tread.

    Anonymous said...

    I would add that it is a bit ironic for us ( and everyone if our concerns pan out)that he ends the article stating that the beginning of this century is unpredictable when in fact (or fiction) we think it entirely predictable.
    Imagine three horns being uprooted by a little horn speaking great and boastful things and attempting to bend the whole world to the will of those who see the only way forward is to control all buying and selling.

    Anonymous said...

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