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where is Javier Solana?

since days no posts, news from JS , not even on twitter where he usually presses the keyboardtaps like wild.
now I have the answer: he was busy with some "retired" activity in Beijing, China.

Already on Nov 18 I posted over at FB:

today I found:

New strategies for the Asian Century

Munich Security Conference convenes with the event series "Munich Security Conference Core Group" for the first time in Beijing

Of 20 to 21 November 2011 meeting, the Munich Security Conference Core Group Meeting for the first time in Beijing. (From left) Ambassador Dirk Brengelmann, Beigeordnteter NATO Secretary General, Ambassador Yang Wenchang, President CPIFA, MSC Chairman Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger, China's Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Zhijun, president of the China Development Institute Zheng Bijian and Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Emily Haber. Image: Hou Kaiyu

Asia's rise will change the world and make new partnership strategies and dialogue patterns of the West needed to respond to the challenges of the 21st Century to find common solutions. For the international foreign and security policy, this makes the Munich Security Conference (MSC) of 20 with their to 21 November 2011 for the first time in Beijing will new series of "Munich Security Conference Core Group" to contribute.

The past three years, besides the annual large main conference in Munich held new and smaller event format of the MSC is intended to give an exclusive and high-level participants in alternating capitals, the opportunity to discuss the confidential setting current issues of international security policy and to develop sustainable solutions. With the conference in Beijing puts the incipient Asian century into the focus of the security conference. The latest global financial crisis has highlighted the limits of Western influence and demonstrated how dynamically to form a new world order begins. In the speed increases occur in Asia and makes new growth policy centers that will eventually lead to global political power shifts. And is becoming increasingly clear that without a close partnership and cooperation between Asia and Euro-Atlantic community, the challenges of the 21st Century will not be overcome.

Significant backlogs in the dialogue with Asia

That's reason enough for the Munich Security Conference, the event series "Munich Security Conference Core Group" to Washington DC (2009) and Moscow (2010) 2011 in Beijing to continue now. "China has just acquired by its growing economic and military power of a global political significance, we must increasingly contribute to our strategic considerations into account," says the chairman of the Munich Security Conference, Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger. We also must recognize that China is a permanent member of the UN Security Council. Without the Chinese vote will happen in the future a little. If we in the 21st Century would discuss about global security issues that go far longer without China. Here, give it a whole lot of catching up, says Ischinger. Long, the German and European economy and Asia as major growth market have discovered, while the European foreign and security policy, these new dimensions have not already covered. "Europe is emerging as a foreign and security policy actor to disappear from the radar screen of the governments in Asia," warns Ischinger. While the United States to align their policies more and more on Asia, Europe, it still lacks the overall strategic vision. For this purpose, the Munich security conference will contribute to establish comprehensive strategic relations with China and the new power centers in the region. There are already points of China's interest has grown visibly in the Munich Security Conference in recent years. In February 2010, Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi, the first time spoke in Munich and took his speech, an increasingly confident China's foreign policy. In his greeting to the Core Group meeting , Yang Jiechi, paid tribute to the Munich Security Conference for its decision to hold this year's expert meeting in Beijing. Thus, the MSC China trade fair in the field of global security policy at a special meaning to build mutual trust and to cooperate closely. The need for the international community to jointly meet the challenges of security policy is more urgent than ever, said Chinese Foreign Minister. China while pursuing peaceful development and compete actively for an in-depth exchanges and closer cooperation with other states.

High-level occupation in Beijing

In cooperation with the Körber Foundation and the Chinese People's Institute of Foreign Affairs(CPIFA) are currently discussing in Beijing, headed by Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger about 30 western foreign and security policy makers and business leaders on issues of global and regional security with 30 other senior Chinese experts and Government representatives. Among this year's conference participants are included former Secretary General of NATO and EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana, the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the German Parliament, Ruprecht Polenz, State Secretary at the Foreign Ministry Emily Haber, Parliamentary State Secretary, Federal Ministry of Defence Christian Schmidt, the Vice . Russian Foreign Minister Andrei Denisov, the financier George Soros, Sir David Wright, vice chairman of the board of Barclay's Capital and Jay Ralph, CEO of Allianz Asset Management. From the Chinese side take to the MSC meeting of experts including former State Councillor Tang Jiaxuan, Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Zhijun and Fu Ying, and former Deputy Chief of General Staff of Chinese People's Liberation Army, Xiong Guankai, in part. In this circle is the conversation between the West and China on current security challenges, ranging from cyber warfare on the financial crisis to the resources and the security situation in the Middle East are deepened. The conclusion of this year's Core Group meeting is a joint meeting with State Councillor Dai Bingguo in "Zhongnanhai", the headquarters of the Communist Party of China.

"The meeting in Beijing to make clear that we want to shape the relationship is not in rivalry, but in cooperation with China to share the security challenges of the 21st Century to meet, "says Ischinger. To talk about the status quo is, is no longer sufficient. Would happen here anymore, he said, referring to the complex tasks ahead of the coming decades. And he finally connects with the new dialogue is another request: "It would be nice if would henceforth take place every year a considerable number of Chinese decision-makers the way to Munich."

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This "core group" meetings were not open to the media.

"Wolfgang Ischinger, Chairman of the MSC, informed on Monday evening at a press conference about it only briefly. According to Ischinger put the motto of the meeting the "growing global role of China, India and other Asian countries" materials at the subjects' change of global military structure "," Energy and Environment "," Challenges in the non-traditional areas "and" influence the international financial crisis on the safety of "discussion about 30 western foreign and security policy makers and business leaders with 30 senior Chinese experts and government representatives...." Link

(farmer: Ischinger, the organziser of this conference spoke at another (cultural) conference just some weeks ago, were I was also speaking 2 years ago. I have talked there about "the rise of the beast in Europe".(I happened to present just before the main speaker at the conferece,so the place was crowded) Back then the program officials did not even dare to mention me in their published program. After my presentation they said this happened "accidently" and if I would wish to have printed a "personal" programm where I would be also included. Now, with such connections, I understand their caution with my speech. lol)

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