Friday, December 02, 2011

another balkan war ahead?

"Serbia urged to end unrest
EU bid studied; New violence at Kosovo border" LINK

"German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Serbia won’t be granted candidate status for European Union membership next week because of its failure to resolve disputes with Kosovo." LINK

"Serbs in northern Kosovo independence?
The Serbs in northern Kosovo could declare independence. The Belgrade daily "Politika" reported that such a possibility by the State Secretary in Serbia's Kosovo Ministry, Ivanovic, and the head region of northern Kosovo, Nedeljkovic, was not excluded. Four Serb-dominated municipalities should have already prepared a declaration of independence." LINK

Serbian Minister for Interior Ivica Dacic: Kosovo War can not be excluded!

"No one should argue in Serbia that they would not conduct a war for Kosovo, Dacic said at the same time stating that the "balance of fear is nessecary because of the regional security". The Kosovo Premier Hashim Thaci must know that he would attack by a possible attack against the Kosovo Serbs and Belgrade, the interior minister said on Thursday its position to the daily newspaper "Press". "Serbia could be the (one attack, note) does not look quiet," said Dacic.In recent months, Dacic, a former longtime employee of the former Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic, with his statements on Kosovo noticed repeatedly. Some time ago he had stood up for "the definition of the dividing line 'on Kosovo, which was interpreted in the Serbian public as a call for division of the youngest state in Europe.The coalition partners of the Democratic Party (DS) of President Boris Tadic, who stressed for years that Belgrade wanted to do no more war, have failed so far mostly to comment on the statements of the Interior. Serbia can not afford the luxury to lose wars for another generation - because then there would be no more Serbia, said DS spokeswoman Jelena Trivan to the daily newspaper." Link

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