Friday, December 02, 2011

change with happiness?

After their last publication "Finding bliss in the shift" Club of Budapest New Age guru Ervin Laszlo and Marco Roveda teamed up again to publish a new book in Italian, which is for free and will be avaiable soon also in Spanish, English, German and French. Co-authors are:

Michael Gorbachev, Wangari Maathai, Adolfo Perez Esquivel, Shirin Ebadi, Lester Brown, Deepak Chopra, Fritjof Capra, Steve Killelea, Giampaolo Fabris, Paul Hawken, Rajendra Pachauri, Karan Singh, Edgar Mitchell, Vandana Shiva, Peter Russell, Tomoyo Nonaka, José Argüelles, Ennio Morricone, Ermanno Olmi, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Kennedy III, Nicholas Branca, Christian Boiron.

For the contacts of the contributors and the reading of texts in different languages ​​were
valuable help and collaboration of Dana Amma's Day, Anna Bellamoli - Boiron, Daniella
Boutin, Gyorgyi Byworth, Carl Carpenter, Bridget Church, Carine Dartiguepeyrou, Francesca De Pr Fire Orange Group - the group REM, Francesca De Gasparis of GBMI
Europe Office, Benedicte Fumey, Charlie Gay, Marco Gualtieri - Jabadoo, Caroline Guidetti, Johannes Heimrath, Tonje Indseth, Martin Inglesias of International Academy of
Environmental Sciences, Jurriaan Kamp, Darrell Laham, Blessed Siskins - Study
Siskins Pignatelli, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Achille Mauri, Maria Morricone, Mark O'Reilly, Eric Pearl, Piccolo Emanuela GBMI, Lutz Redecker, Wolfgang Riehn, Maria Sagi,
Michel Saloff-Coste, Matthew Sartori - Casta Diva, Dominic Search, Mitsuo Shibata, Gareth
Strangemore-Jones, Jane Taylor, Margaret Vaschetto - International Branch, Ernesto
Vergani, Robin Wood, David Woolfson."

and Zero Impact ®.

"With this project, the two authors deal with a new challenge : to shape a collective thought to promote and develop a new lifestyle. The instrument chosen is a new type of book "in progress", free and without any impact on the environment.

In the e-book the authors focus on instability of our times and the crisis and show that cross as the way to happiness, just the change of values, paradigms and cultural references. As a way of life. "It's time to take a historic step forward, not dwell on a problem, but to take part, see things from above, all together. Stop treating the effect, instead of treating the cause, " they explain. Why do we talk about financial crises, economic, ecological, but at their root " is the lack of awareness . "

José Argüelles writes for example:
"...the advent of the noosphere.
However, only in this way the human mind may have the opportunity to reconnect and interact telepathically with the electromagnetic field of the earth and sun. This will be the crucial moment of global change - massive alteration of human consciousness.consequently, the noosphere will come as a field of cosmic harmony, coming to the realization of human potential
earth as a work of art.
in the light of this likely scenario "ultimatum to the ground," advanced education on the nature of the noosphere is ethically required. This educational process should of course provide food for
survival as part of a preparation for the mass awakening,
that remains the goal. The noosphere is the inevitable goal towards which
can be routed forces now tending in other directions. The achievement of this goal, in leading the world out of confusion, is the purpose of the first World Forum Noosphere: Envisioning
Earth as Work of Art.
The function of this forum, as part of events and projects
Club of Budapest WorldShift for 2012, is to make a link between
numerous networks and Web sites that are converging in the knowledge of the noosphere.
taking into account that the purpose of the law of time is
make conscious what is unconscious, by participating in these events, the intimate knowledge of the noosphere will evolve. The bright precognizzato global network by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin as the genesis of noosphere will have its full realization. with a superhuman effort,
the success of the initiatives of the Forum and Noosphere WorldShift 2012 humanity can ensure the passage through the omega point of December 21, 2012 - the harmonic convergence of 2012 - and entry into a new era, where time is not more money, but
art. like the ancient Mayans predicted, while the 2012 will be the end
of a cycle, will also be the beginning of a new geological age of the earth:
the noosphere."

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