Tuesday, December 13, 2011

clearing the fog

"Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban made headlines Friday morning by being one of two European Union leaders to vote against an intergovernmental treaty crafted to resolve the euro zone debt crisis. Or so it seemed....

This is a foolish, nationalistic maneuver…A huge mistake,” said Javier Solana, former high representative for the EU’s common foreign and security policy on his Twitter site...."LINK

good comment that also fits to this came today:

Despejando la niebla

By Javier Couso

A few days ago I got a book that is impacting me deeply. Do not think that is a left-wing thinker or a writer sympathetic to the liberating ideas, in contrast, leaves the ranks of the new imperialism.

The truth is that it is a joy to read, well written, easily spinning thoughts and knowledge exudes all the seams. Even more, it makes you wonder. It is a poisoned apple equal to that of the witch. Red and appetizing on the outside. Poisonous and lethal inside.

Before revealing the author, title, and what is, I can forward that is current and addresses core issues on the management of what has been called the "soft power", ie soft power. Power that through globalization and the loss of national sovereignty, uses and misuses of oenegés international humanitarian law as a way to convince people in the use of military force. Sounds to Libya, Yugoslavia sounded like before.

The book in question is titled " The power and strength "with the subtitle" The safety of civilians in a global world . " Do not say that does not deceive. It sounds attractive, progressive and humanist I would say. Written in pure rhetoric of Orwellian Newspeak for touching the emotions and assume your speeches bastards.Snow White's apple again.

Things start to creak when you read the biography of the author, Mary Kaldor, professor and director of the Center for the Study of Global Governance at the London School of Economics and Political ScienceGovernance ¿? Do I sound to me that word? Question clarified when we learn that at the request of the former head of European foreign policy, Javier Solana , directed the development of two reports on European security policy. We are therefore faced with a heavy weight of the intelligentsia globalist, speaking without restrictions and that reading is necessary to clarify the fog of these confused times.

Kaldor moves with expertise in the field of polemology, affording define new types of conflict where their theories fit well tricky. I say tricky because most of them falls in one of those who comprise this amalgam progress, just working unconsciously in the service of more aggressive interests and multinational financial power.

First, he says, is the need for a " new language ", a story that takes us where you want, because" the basis of the social sciences are the stories "and thus is shaped our perception of the things, reality is constructed. 'New Wars ',' global civil society ',' cosmopolitanism ',' human security "," humanitarian consensus "," civic security "... are the bricks with which to build the war the building of globalization, with the Meridian purpose of attacking the concept of nation state.

It is clear, and will reflect the author, explaining the difficulty of achieving an intervention on a sovereign country for no reason that makes him " just war ", ie that it complies with the rules and regulations that make international law and What's more important to their viability, accepted by the population as moral and necessary.

Hence the need for " a new type of intervention based on the imposition or implementation of human rights"out of the starting point was the intervention in the Balkans as a coming-of humanitarian intervention, which defined" position political cosmopolitanism . "

Words written so clearly that its effect is to sink the fog, so that whoever wants to see, to observe how interested the use of human rights violations, alleged or not, by certain oenegés and its amplification by the great emporiums of communication, create the conditions for military intervention of aggression, now called 'humanitarian intervention', which avoids the pitfalls of national sovereignty and international law, and grants public legitimacy to make it fair.

Apply what they have read the recent use of human rights on rogue countries the new world order as Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador, Yugoslavia, Bolivia, ... and we have an approach to the way they prepare war or aggression and interventions camouflage for many well-intentioned gladly join in the applause of barbarism"


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