Tuesday, December 13, 2011

JS becomes Socialist leader in Spain?


Javier Solana may become the leader of the PSOE (SPANISH SOCIALIST PARTY)

  •   Javier Solana puede ser el líder del PSOE

    Javier Solana may be the future leader of the PSOE. Whoever was responsible for EU foreign policy and former secretary general of NATO, plus several times minister of the governments of Felipe González, could be the next leader and secretary general of the PSOE to take the lead and the refounding of the Party Socialist, leaving in the background all the leaders who have failed in the general elections of 20-N, and, particularly, Rubalcaba and Chacon, who sought to take your dispute to the next Socialist Congress the first week of February 2012.

    The reappearance of Solana, Philip's outstanding man has the support of Gonzalez, Almunia, and may also Solchaga Rubalcaba (who would later agree the position of spokesperson in the House of Representatives), peace in the family would and give the socialistPSOE a certain level and specific political weight within and outside of Spain, where Solana has excellent relations and prestige.

    In addition, the Solana is the party leader does not imply that later will be the socialist candidate for the general election in 2015, but by then the PSOE could open a large primary style debate the French Socialist Party as they have claimed many leaders and activists of the PSOE.

    What remains to be seen whether Solana's name will be used by other candidates, including Chacon and Rubalcaba, give up once and for all its efforts to lead the PSOE despite its dismal election results. What is not well known as they could fit the new generation of socialist return another of the leading figures of Philip, who has on his back the last Balkan war, which led from the secretary general of NATO, in which there were many innocent deaths, by so-called "collateral damage" or deliberate attack only civilian targets Alliance as it was broadcasting from Belgrade.

    Of course, behind this initiative would be the core of the team ofFelipe Gonzalez, the Prisa Group in the lead, and in order to close any loophole to the rest of the team of which they accuse Zapatero, with Chacon including, of inconsistency and lack of political education, ideological and institutional. Especially for a difficult time for the PSOE, now in opposition, it also must open a serious debate ideological, programmatic and policy as a result of changes in Europe and Spain, and the severe electoral defeat, national, regional and local that socialists just fit.

    Solana said that if I could accept this mission to embark on the reconstruction of the PSOE and has great support its passage by the general secretariat and leadership of the PSOE could mean that occupy a place of "transition." Especially once you have raised voices against Rubalcaba stay ahead of the Socialist Party after his disastrous electoral defeat. Precisely for this reason, Rubalcaba would now have serious questions to see whether or not to file as a candidate for secretary general. Bid to retire with a clear step backwards if the alternative presented by Philip camp where he is military-Solana. Especially if the new leader in compensation offers Rubalcaba be the Socialist spokesman in the House of Representatives, a place where Solana (not being an MP) can not be, which would not prevent him personally maintain the relationship with the new President Rajoy at the institutional level."


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