Thursday, December 01, 2011

planes are landing

When I wrote JS "back from the moon" I meant to say "back from Mars".
"Cairo. Al-Qāhirah is the official name of the city though in local speech it is typically called simply by the name of the country, Misr pronounced Masr in the local dialect. The name Al-Qahirah literally means "The Subduer," though it's often translated as "The Victorious." The origin of the name is said to come from the appearance of the planet Mars during the foundation of the city." Link

Javier Solana
Is it time for the Muslim Brothers?. Egypt

"The planes are landing, when they like and where they can. Nobody has thought to build a track, just a makeshift markers. Everything happens with great sacrifice and boundless enthusiasm in the passengers and crew, and right next door, no one has asked us on our opinion. Rightly so. Improvisation and lack of foresight are ours and have consequences for everyone. But the decision to land is not ours".

"It is a powerful image, which uses Javier Solana in talks on changing our planet, and refers to the comparison between the 1989 revolutions in Central and Eastern Europe and 2011 in the Arab world."

ElPais, Nov. 30, Link


Solanas twitter partner "dePlantagenet" in his own words

"World Observer; Seldom player anymore. Acclaim taste for food, insatiable hunger for travel and great thanks to my genetic memory dusty-musty beloved family." Link

Merovingian Link?

stay tuned!


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