Wednesday, January 11, 2012

economic restructuring behind the scenes?

this links to my post "endgame" from dec 15.

Ben Fulford acknowledges today that the James Martinez video is indeed not a hoax. . Ben says:

“The 130-nation group that announced a new financial system through the Conscious Media Network on January 1st also contacted the White Dragon Society and said they will prove with action, and not words, that they represent extremely powerful interests. This writer initially, and apparently incorrectly, denounced the announcement as a psy-ops because this group was not identical to the 117 nation Monaco group previously reported about in this newsletter."

“All of these major factions will now have to reach an agreement. There will some serious horse-trading over the coming weeks before any sort of agreement is reached or public announcement is made but it appears a solution to the financial crisis is now on the horizon.” (1)

(1) “Benjamin Fulford: The Feds Have Sued for Peace and Detailed Settlement Negotiations Have Begun,” at

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