Sunday, January 01, 2012

"The logo of the Danish Presidency of the Council is a dynamic visual story about Denmark's EU Presidency at the beginning of 2012. The taking over of the Presidency is illustrated through the double symbolism between 1 and 2, which shows that Denmark takes on the Presidency in 2012 and signals the Presidency's duration of half a year. The logo also signals the dynamic of cooperation in the EU – a shared task that is in constant change and always developing.

Many of the EU’s major policies will be renegotiated during the Danish Presidency of the Council, and Denmark will work towards renewing the EU’s policies to the benefit of European citizens. The logo signals that developments in and around Europe are not static. Therefore, the European countries must work together to renew and further develop the European project to make sure that Europe remains capable of handling the challenges of the future. Lastly, the logo also signals openness and cooperation – values that are crucial to a successful Presidency.

The logo accentuates the red and white colours of the Danish flag, while at the same time emphasising one of Denmark's strengths in Europe and the world: our tradition for unique design.

The advertising agency Kunde & Co won the competition to design a visual identity for the Presidency, including a logo. The competition was issued in 2009 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with the Danish Design Center, DDC. " Link

"...Many major EU policies are to be negotiated during the Danish Presidency, and Denmark will, among other things, strive to ensure that EU policies are future-proofed up to 2020, to the benefit of the citizens of the EU...." Link

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