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Solana also required in the new Spanish Government

The foreign ex-ministers constitute committee of experts to reform the Spanish diplomacy

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo, will provide regular basis to his meeting today with seven of his predecessors, to be, he said, "the first in a long line" with the order to reform the Foreign Service Spanish and "adapt to new realities" of the world.

This first meeting was attended by former ministers of the UCD Marcelino Oreja (who shall act as chairman of the group as first democracy) and José Pedro Pérez-Llorca, Javier Solana socialist, who was appointed Minister Felipe González, those of government of José María Aznar, Abel Matutes and Josep Piqué and executive Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero and Moratinos Trinidad Jimenez.

Unable to attend for health reasons Fernando Moran, the minister also appointed by Gonzalez, and calendar issues had excused his presence and Ana Palacio Carlos Westendorp, designated by González and Aznar respectively.

García-Margallo said that the meeting had been shared reflections on what has to be the Spanish foreign policy during the century, given that in the busy new circumstances.Although warned in advance of the confidentiality of such exchanges, we will concentrate on fundamental element "aggiornamento" (update) of all public and private project the image of Spain abroad.

The minister is confident that this committee of wise transpartidista "will help build consensus on foreign policy," which he said was "one of the objectives of the Ministry" and a very necessary purpose to deal with globalization. In front of her and her new "realities" believed to be carrying out a "redeployment" of the foreign service, but denied that the priority announced by the EU would be detrimental to other traditional areas of Spanish diplomacy as Latin America, Arab countries and the increasingly important Asia.

This "redeployment" take shape in a White Paper which ministry sources pointed out that there is still no specific deadline, as this meeting was "a first contact."


Of the participants ex-ministers, who praised his successor as "extremely valuable people," spoke Marcelino Oreja and Javier Solana, who appreciated the initiative and inviting. Oreja called it "a welcome initiative" and said they were all "very excited" about the prospect of meeting regularly in the service of the Ministry and of Spain "and expect a lot of these quotes in the future.

For his part, Solana said that he had been "very impressed by the reunion" and put in value many of those present shared a "great step" How was the transition, so that the meeting "was like coming to see a friend" .

Bridging the partisan polarization of recent years, said: "At this point in our country we need a little of that, knowledge having spent time together in the history of Spain." So called "recapture that spirit, then rich and who is to be splendid" given the current economic crisis."


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