Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Global Zero Commission Calls for U.S., Russia to Remove All Tactical Nuclear Weapons from European Combat Bases

Co-Chairs Amb. Richard Burt, Col. Gen. (Ret.) Victor Esin, Amb. Wolfgang Ischinger and SirMalcolm Rifkind Issue Groundbreaking Report at Munich Security Conference

Briefing Included Images Released by Global Zero of U.S. and Russian European CombatBases Where Tactical Nuclear Weapons May be Deployed

The Global Zero NATO-Russia Commission comprised of 15 eminent American, European and Russian security leaders and experts – and co-chaired by Amb. Richard Burt, Col. Gen. (Ret.) Victor Esin, Amb. Wolfgang Ischinger and Sir Malcolm Rifkind – issued a groundbreaking report at the Munich Security Conference today, calling for the United States and Russia to remove all of their tactical nuclear weapons from combat bases on the European continent.

among them:
Dr. Javier Solana
, Fmr. Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Fmr. High Representative for the CommonForeign and Security Policy, Fmr. Secretary General of the Council of the European Union and Fmr. Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Spain

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"Black clouds are gathering over Ms Ashton...

This is like forcing an incumbent politician to resign during his/her term of office.

You could create a long list of reproaches, but something’s up. Not only in the media."




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