Monday, February 13, 2012

Israeli Accuses Iran In India, Georgia Bombings

Jerusalem -- Israel's prime minister has accused Iran of being behind a pair of car bombings against Israeli diplomatic targets in India and Georgia.

Benjamin Netanyahu told a meeting of lawmakers from his Likud Party on Monday that he believed the Iranians were responsible for the attacks in New Delhi and Tbilisi. Two people were wounded in India and the bomb in Georgia was discovered before it went off.

Netanyahu said Israel has thwarted other attacks in recent months in Azerbaijan, Thailand and elsewhere.

"In all those cases, the elements behind these attacks were Iran and its protege Hezbollah," he said.

Iran has accused Israel of involvement in a series of killings of officials and scientists involved in its controversial nuclear program.

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farm land investment said...

It almost certainly was Iran. Still, is this surprising? So far, Israel has assassinated five Iranian nuclear scientists using the dissident group MEK. MEK people are trained by Mossad and then return to Iran. This is not a value judgement one way or the other. It just seems inevitable that at some point Iran would try to retaliate.