Saturday, March 31, 2012

Islamist leader proposed to kill Solana

Mudhar Almalaki Hussein, the Islamic leader arrested this week by the Guardia Civil in Valencia, had proposed to al-Qaida to assassinate former President Jose Maria Aznar and former Secretary General of NATO Javier Solana as punishment for "crimes against Muslims."

As disclosed in its arrest warrant the National Court Judge Pablo Ruz, Almalaki, one of the 'heads' of Ansar Al Mujahideen Network and member of its "advisory board" participated actively in June 2011 on the establishment of a list for possible targets of terrorist radicals, in which Aznar and Solana introduced as "war criminals". On the list also were Presidents Bush, Bill Clinton or Tony Blair, among others.

On 22 March, within the jihadi websites and forums that was also controlled "exaltation" of Mohamed Merah, the murderer of Toulouse.

Almalaki, according to the Civil Guard also distributed more than 70,000 web users manual on terrorist attacks and mass poisonings." Link

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"Aznar and Solana, the objectives of the 'library' of Al Qaeda"

The judge orders the imprisonment of Islamist arrested in Valencia - posted in the network a message "to support and exaltation" of the murderer of Toulouse

EFE Judge Pablo Ruz on Friday ordered the admission of Islamist prison Mudhar Hussein Almalki, arrested last Tuesday in Valencia , which says it posted online a list of objectives of jihad among Spanish politicians who were Jose Maria Aznar and Javier Solana. Furthermore, according to the arrest warrant issued by Justice of the High Court, Almalki Hussein, whom he accused of a crime of belonging to a terrorist organization, put down the last day 22 in the network a message "to support and exaltation" the murderer of Toulouse (France), Mohamed Merah. Reference to Aznar and Solana, who is referred to as war criminals, were made ​​by the arrested on June 23, 2011, when he agreed to an internet forum and participated in drawing up a list of targets to attack, "facilitating their 'selection'." Next to the former government and former Secretary General of NATO, said Hussein Almalki targeting of U.S. presidents George Bush, father and son, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright of the United States and the former Prime Minister Tony Blair. The judge said that the detainee is a member since at least 2005 network Ansar Al Mujahideen (RAAM), which follows the orders and directives Al Qaeda and operates primarily on the Internet. As one of its oldest members, was on the Advisory Council or Majlis al-Shura of this organization, whose members "are recognized and treated like sheiks" for the rest of the members of the organization and their decisions are "obeyed" by them. Mudhar Hussein was developing his work in the propaganda machine of the network, " in charge of spreading through internet platforms , both own and others, all types of documents, audiovisual material, etc.., exaltation of jihad and terrorist groups. " The RAAM also has a unit responsible for obtaining financing "donations of those members or sympathizers who have economic resources, especially the Persian Gulf and Europe" and another operational support, "responsible for maintaining contact with terrorist elements of the different zones of conflict", which sends volunteers. Among the content that stopped broadcasting on the network, the self refers to "manuals that contribute to the education and training terrorism in areas such as the manufacture of explosives, gases, poisons, safety, recruitment, etc. ".. The dissemination of such material was carried out through three types of media platforms, one of which is the call room Paltalk, which consists of a chat in which Almalki Hussein acted as supervisor. also participated daily in jihadi forums, inserting prayers and signatures of exaltation and public support for the terrorist action on items that are of interest, which had a "multiplier effect" in spreading the same as its prestige and veteran status. The detainee agreed to exchange several pages and download those stored files downloaded from other websites and jihadist theme always. Some of the sessions online at which participated Almalki Hussein had names like "Course on poisons and poisonous gases most popular", "Destroy their homes with their own hands", "Course of Sheikh Abu Khabab explosives Almasri", "The basic explosives" or "Program of the office of terrorism. Link


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Monday: Re-creation of Passover Sacrifice

Rabbis and professors will join Temple organizations, Monday, in holding a gathering for illustrating and practicing the Passover sacrifice in preparation for performing it at its appointed time on the Temple Mount. Performance of the commandment would depend on the coming of the Messiah or permission being granted by the government, according to the organizers of the gathering, although recently, Israel's chief rabbis have come out against Jews going up to the Temple Mount.

The gathering will cover all aspects of the sacrifice under the current conditions, in which the Temple does not exist. This includes building of an altar - however temporary, checking animals for defects, priestly garments, singing of the Levites, slaughtering of the animal, throwing of blood, uncovering of fats and roasting the Paschal lamb, among others.

The Sanhedrin website has been quiet on this but this was just announced. Someday we will be surprised to see an actual sacrifice performed.

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News Update:

Bringing The Korban Pesach

reprinted from Five Towns Jewish Times
Thursday, 29 March 2012

Right-wing activists, including Shmuel Sackett of the Likud Party, are planning an attempt to bring a Paschal lamb as a sacrifice on the Temple Mount prior to the Passover holiday, the Five Towns Jewish Times has learned.

Sackett, longtime assistant to Moshe Feiglin, the leader of the Likud's ultra-nationalist Manhigut Yehudit faction, said that he and nine others have joined in purchasing a lamb for the sacrifice, which the Bible describes as a yearly obligation on the part of all Jews.

Citing the High Court's declarations regarding the legal right of Jews to worship on the Mount, Sackett stated that he did not intend to coordinate his visit with the police or any governing body. And he did not, he then stated, wish to turn his attempt at sacrifice into a publicity stunt.

Given the holy site's importance as a symbol in the Arab-Israeli conflict, it is unlikely that the police will allow Sackett entry to the site when he shows up holding a slaughtering knife and leading a sheep. The Palestinian Authority frequently incites rioting and violence by accusing Israeli authorities of planning to raze the mount's two mosques and rebuild the Temple in their place. While Israeli leaders frequently deny this, Sackett and his faction take issue with the official position of the Israeli government and have actively campaigned for the rebuilding of the Temple.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said that security forces at the entrance to the Temple Mount will, should anyone attempt to bring a sacrifice, work to "prevent any provocative incidents by any members of the public from taking place that could cause a public disturbance in any way and cause tensions in any of the different communities."

Asked why he intended to bring a sacrifice that he knows the police will prevent, Sackett stated that his answer to that is simple: "What would be the reaction of the Torah world if the mitzvah of b'ris milah became illegal? Would we simply say, ‘Why bother, since the police won't let us' . . . or would the Torah world take to the streets and demand a change?"

In a written statement, Sackett explained, "Many of the people reading these words will not understand how serious I take the mitzvah of Korban Pesach. Therefore, I urge each and every one of them to check the sources: In simple terms—even though it may come as a complete shock to you—one does not need the Beit HaMikdash, just the makom (the place) of the Mikdash, in order to offer a Korban Pesach today. And we know exactly where that is."

Rabbi Chaim Richman of the Temple
The decision to allow or disallow prayer, Richman stated, is made by the prime minister's bureau, and the police over the last few years have been increasingly accommodating to Jewish worshipers, although formal prayer services are still banned.

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Al-Qaeda’s online forums go dark for extended period. Al-Qaeda’s main Internet forums have been offline for more than a week in what experts say is the longest sustained outage of the Web sites since they began operating eight years ago.

I believe these stories are attached!
It appears the government is taking this seriously as; Note the date is just days between the reports.
1) British/American news are being quiet about this (media is in the pocket of the ruling elite)
2) They have taken down the sites so they can 'electronically re-wire' (wire-tap) the web prior to letting them back on line?