Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Solana says he does not like governments that say Europe is not a solution

Madrid, Mar 27 The exalted representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy
of the EU, Javier Solana, said today he does not like the governments of Spain
"lately", including the current one, have not had the " guts enough "to say that Europe
is the solution and not the cause of the crisis.
Solana expressed in these terms during the presentation in Spain of a report by the
European Council of International Relations on the current role of the continent in
international relations.
"Blaming the EU is thrown away," said Solana, whom he sees as a "grave error" that
has spread that if you mess with Europe it is not good.
The former Secretary General of NATO has expressed his conviction that without
the European Union there is no "solution" to current problems and reiterated
his confidence that will exit the current crisis.
Therefore, repeated that one commits a "grave error" to "throw stones
against the fragile roof" representing the Union.
Solana has also shown his doubts about this economic crisis "profound", which the
company is "very sick", has to do originally with the European Union.
What they do have clear, has continued the socialist ex-minister, is that no European
country can escape only in this situation.
In this sense, has called "baby this instrument" European and be "more consistent"
because it can not be saying "every EU tomorrow, fiscal integration, Schengen"
and also state that does not want to cede more sovereignty.
It has been shown against some Spanish Ministers of Agriculture,
as the late Loyola de Palacio, will lead demonstrations against the EU.
In his view, what should and should policymakers do is go to Brussels,
fighting in the negotiations and "winning the battles around the table."
He then said that is not being imposed from the EU, but "you play by the
rules you've taken, you have accepted and, therefore, sometimes earn more than others."
Solana has asked to be bolder and to be more "honey"(nice?) to the European
The former minister said to be drawn "positive impact" data "dramatic" current,
like that in forty years there will be no EU country among the ten with the highest
GDP in the world, although it is set as an actor .
Europe recalled that "certain way" is the problem of the current crisis, but which
when taken together data from all countries is stronger than the U.S. and Japan.
But what harm, according to the exalted representative, is inside because it has
not been able to overcome imbalances "in house".
It underlined that it is not known how will the current situation end, but eventually
one will reach the "spring".Thus, in his opinion one should start thinking about the
Solana has warned of the importance of Poland as soon charged into the euro and has
held that Spain should make an "effort" to build relationships "with this country stronger."
He also warned that we must be "prepared" for a "new relationship" with Turkey,
which is "almost" more important than the EU in international politics, and
strengthen relations with Russia.
For Solana, also to do "something else" at this stage with the concept of European
citizenship, a process that grew out of "top down" and try to deepen the
European sovereignty. EFE"

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"Madrid, Mar 27 The exalted representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy
of the EU,..."

Spanish sources seem to have a propensity for leaving out "former."