Monday, April 23, 2012

Gonzalez and Javier Solana Francisco Seminars Socrates inaugurated on Campus BBVA

04/23/2012 11:07:05 " BBVA Campus hosts since last Friday and until 22 April, the first edition of Socrates Seminars to be held outside the United States. The Aspen Institute seminars organized by Spain, in collaboration with The Aspen Institute US-address two very topical issues: the relationship between privacy and new technologies and the future of capitalism. Involving young leaders from business, academic and public from Portugal, Italy, Romania, United States and Spain.
The inaugural event was chaired by Francisco González, BBVA Chairman and Javier Solana, president of the Aspen Institute Foundation SpainThe first seminar, "From Facebook to Body Scanners: The Future of Privacy and Technology in the Age of Google", will be moderated by Jeffrey Rosen, law professor at George Washington University and columnist for "The New Republic". Clive Crook, editor of "The Atlantic" and columnist for "Bloomberg", will be responsible for moderating the second seminar, "Capitalism at a Crossroads".
Socrates Seminars, created by The Aspen Institute in the U.S., bringing together young people aged between 28 and 45, from different countries and sectors of civil society, in order to reflect on current issues through discussion led by expert moderators. Using the method of Socratic dialogue, these seminars allow participants to delve into current and pressing challenges and reflect on a vision of responsible leadership. The discussion generated around contemporary texts and guided by facilitators who engage and encourage discussion among participants.
The Aspen Institute USA Socrates has held seminars on many subjects, including the future of power, the relationship between privacy and new technologies; Islam and democracy, China and U.S. relations and the relationship between terrorism and globalization. Among the presenters and guest speakers throughout the years include renowned leaders like Barack Obama, David Gergen, Thomas Friedman, Nouriel Roubini, Wolf Blitzer, Husain Haggani, Joseph Nye and Niall Ferguson.
Clive Crook is editor of "The Atlantic" and columnist for "Bloomberg View". Editorial Board Member of the latter, has been Washington's main commentator "Financial Times" and "The Economist". An Englishman, Crook studied at Bolton School and continued his education at Magdalen College, Oxford and the London School of Economics. After a stint in college, worked for the British Treasury and the Government Economic Service of his country and was a consultant with the World Bank. For over 20 years of work in "The Economist", Clive Cook has served as economics correspondent, editor of the Section of Economics and associate editor of the publication.
Jeffrey Rosen is a professor of law at George Washington University (USA) and one of the Constitutionalists in the country. Educated at the universities of Harvard, Oxford and Yale, he combines his academic work with the legal editor of the magazine "The New Republic". It is also a columnist for media as "The New Yorker", "The Atlantic Monthly" and "The New York Times Magazine" and member of the Brookings Institution (considered one of the "think tank" in the world).
BBVA Campus
Campus Moral is one of the training centers to BBVA Group provides its more than 110,000 employees and its key stakeholders: customers, companies, regulators and opinion leaders.
The Campus BBVA is a meeting place to share knowledge on an ongoing basis and encourage learning through training programs, conferences, forums and seminars on subjects in which both partners BBVA as their are a reference."


Anonymous said...

From India Punchline we have prove that JS remains very connected in the world of EU politics"
Personally I wish we could be done with him as an AC candidate but this shows that we cannot yet.

Here is the quote

"Sensible voices in the West are also making themselves heard articulating the desire for a settlement with Iran. The voice of Javier Solana, who used to be EU’s foreign policy chief, is particularly interesting, since he has extensively dealt with Iran on the nuclear issue.
Solana is cautiously optimistic. By the way, he discloses: “On the first day of the talks in Istanbul last weekend, [Iran's chief nuclear negotiator Saeed] Jalili accepted a US request for a bilateral meeting within the context of the negotiations, and all participants deemed the results so far to be a step in the right direction.” Wow! Even David Ignatius didn’t know this although he suspected there could be a deal in the works between Washington and Tehran. "

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Why did you not post the innocuous news I pasted here concerning Javier Solana and his knowledge of the apparent diplomatic plans of the US ahead of all other commentators?
It is not worth adding information here if you will not take the time to post it.

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Thanks for posting the information