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Javier Solana encourages students of ESADE to adapt their leadership to global challenges
Updated Wednesday 16/05/2012 00:07
Digital HR
Javier Solana encourages students of ESADE to adapt their leadership to global challenges
Digital HR . "You can not do your work well-or as managers in the company, or the financial system, either in the public sector, if you consider the global environment we are living and the global challenges we face." These words come from Javier Solana, President of ESADEgeo, and were delivered during the lecture "New global players and challenges", which provided exclusively for participants in the Part-Time MBA program on 10 May.
"You have to get used to are no longer the center of the world and be prepared to speak the languages ​​of others-not only English, learn about their cultures and traditions, if you really bring fruitful conversation with them. You will need it for business. "During his speech, Solana encouraged participants of Part-Time MBA leadership to adapt to global challenges and to understand that today's problems are global in nature and therefore require global solutions. "If we fail to find global solutions, the future will go wrong and we can not deal with the problems of today," according to President ESADEgeo. The Asian giant

Solana stressed the extraordinary transformation that China has experienced in recent years and reminded participants of Part-Time MBA the importance of taking into account the influence that this Asian country is putting on the big picture. "Today, China produces more engineers, most physical and chemical scientists all out of all universities in the United States. In a few years, China is likely to become the leading world power, "said Solana.
A multipolar world
Another major challenge, as the president of ESADEgeo, governance will adapt to this new "multipolar" world in which the old actors are giving way to new emerging global powers. "This is a changed world to be multipolar , which is undergoing a massive transfer of power between the West and the Pacific, a world in which actors have appeared that have helped establish a whole new division of power, as you probably have not ever given in history. "
Solana encouraged students of Part-Time MBA to lead given the great influence of new global players. "Today we could build a more powerful G7 G7 economies classic like India, China, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, Indonesia and Russia. In 40 years, it is likely that no European country among the ten richest countries in the world. If we fail to integrate more clear to countries that now have much weight, not be able to solve the problems of today. "

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