Thursday, May 31, 2012

great theater

"The Bilderberg Club, where great theater has created the world and European crises'

The summit of the most influential form the government seeks to lead the planet

The Bilderberg Club, which annually brings together the most influential people in the world, represents a large theater which has created the crisis in Europe and is intended to deprive of sovereignty to the countries of the region. So says journalist and writer Cristina Martín Jiménez.
According to the analyst, it is the "body that can change not only the structure of countries, but also comprehensive unions like the European Union or North America." 

Challenge: create a world government

Bilderberg is composed of people who have great influence, allowing them to amend statutes in their countries of origin or influence governing structures. In fact, they love to decide who will be future presidents of certain countries, "says the journalist. 

Thus, Martin Jimenez stressed that recently it was "secretary general of theNATO , Javier Solana, said Europe has to be a possible world government laboratory. What does this mean? What is here in Europe where Bilderberg is working and experimenting to see how it would work this world government aspires. " 

"The global economic crisis and European, in my view, has been created by this club. We are witnessing a great theater, "concludes the analyst. 

The Bilderberg Club holds its annual conferences behind closed doors, without informing the media of their discussions and unpublished findings of the same. 

This year we expect the arrival of a record number of activists, more than 1,000 people have expressed their desire to attend the protest. Due to this fact, this year's Bilderberg Club has strengthened security measures and has made every effort to 'clear the ground' and avoid incidents. "


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great theatre perhaps...but for sure colossal failure....................

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Another Award for JS.

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It's almost like someone behind the scenes has finally awakened to market expectations, and is trying to get ahead of them.

Does Europe Finally Understand Market Expectations?

Time after time during the European debt crisis, grand plans aimed at drawing a line under the problem have appeared to be behind market expectations, giving the impression that each measure has yet to catch up to the curve.

Last weekend, a report in Germany's Der Spiegel indicated that Berlin was pushing Madrid to accept funds from the European Financial Stability Fund (EFSF) [cnbc explains] in order to recapitalize its banks. One week later, the deal is done, and the Spanish Prime minister is free to fly to Poland to watch his soccer team defend its European title.

Der Spiegel, which has a good record of accurately breaking stories about German Chancellor Angela Merkel when her positions change, reports that European Central Bank [cnbc explains] boss Mario Draghi, European Commission boss Jose-Manuel Barroso, the European Council chief Herman Van Rompuy and Eurogroup chair Jean-Claude Juncker are working on plans for a “genuine fiscal union.” The report cites four senior sources.

Under the plan, governments would only be able to spend money they have covered by revenue, and would need sign-off from a powerful group of finance ministers—led by a "European Finance Minister"—if they want to borrow. Only once they have this sign-off can new money be borrowed via the issuance of a Eurobond.

If this report is proven correct, it will be huge news and the focus of investor attention, removing the chance for investors to get ahead of the crisis plan.

It's almost like someone behind the scenes has finally awakened to market expectations, and is trying to get ahead of them.

The one problem, of course, is that the Greek election is still too close to call, and could throw a wrench into the works just as things began to start looking up.

It's almost like someone behind the scenes has finally awakened to market expectations, and is trying to get ahead of them.

(Whomever else is behind the scenes I know that JS is among them)