Wednesday, June 27, 2012

as long as I live

"Berlin's opposition to pooling eurozone debt by issuing eurobonds has been underscored by a quote attributed to Chancellor Angela Merkel. Germany will not share the liabilities "as long as I live," she apparently said.
Her reported reaction precedes Thursday's EU summit on the eurozone crisis which will consider a call led by EU President Herman Van Rompuy for closer fiscal and banking union and common debt bonds. Merkel apparently made the remark on Tuesday while visiting parliamentarians from her junior coalition partner, the pro-business liberal Free Democrats (FDP).Several FDP parliamentarians are reported to have then called out that they "wished her a long life." LINK


Anonymous said...

Merkel meant well but many a politician disappears from the world scene by events other than death. I would agree that for this to be the time of the end then three horns will not be uprooted until a DIRE crisis is upon Europe. I suspect or suggest that means people are being killed in the streets of the major cities of Europe.
I also found it interesting to recently learn that Julius Caesar rose to power not on the reputation of his conquest in Gaul but rather upon his solving a debt crisis in Rome. His solution: all interest was forgiven and only principal was required to be paid back. This simple measure was accepted by the populace and was the principal means of solving the debt crisis of his day. Some things never change. I suggest something similar will occur eventually in Europe.

RomaLynn said...

Great updates, bjorn. Thanks

Anonymous said...

The greatest event that will soon be upon us is not the great tribulation, but the great harvest that is the end of the age. These are the times that the prophets and righteous of old desired to see, and we’ve been called to live in them. We must not waste this greatest of all opportunities.

This is a comment by Rick Joyner.
It is being debated as if it is apostasy on one prophecy site. How ridiculous. God will have His way in the whirlwind. It need not be called a revival as such but it may be a reaping of souls for Christ. If it becomes the end of the age then I would expect even the revivals and reaping of souls for the Kingdom to be somehow different and maybe more intense. It is certainly not something to get upset about. I will not comment on any site that censors comments and think those sites are in the end diminished.