Monday, June 25, 2012

Russian View?

The other day twittering Javier Solana was recommending an article by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on the Russian standpoint with the Middle East.("On the right side of history")  Found some interesting sentences there that seem to fit into the Alliance of Civilizations Agenda....:

"...attempts to impose one's own set of values are totally futile and may only lead to a dangerous aggravation of tensions between civilisations."

"It seems evident that hopes to apply cutting edge information dissemination and communications technologies, including social networks, in order to change the mentality of other peoples, thus creating a new political reality, are bound to fail in the long run. The current market for ideas is far too manifold, and virtual methods would only bring about a virtual reality - provided, of course, that we do not resort to George Orwell's Big Brother mentality, in which case we can give up on the whole idea of democracy, not only in countries that are subjected to such influence but also in those that are exercising it.

Developing a universal scale of values and morals becomes a big political issue. Such a scale could serve as the foundation for a respectful and fruitful dialogue between civilisations based on a common interest in reducing the instability which accompanies the creation of a new international system and aimed at eventually establishing a solid, efficient, polycentric world order..." LINK

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Bjorn.
In 2009 June I gave a small presentation in which I pointed out that JS fulfilled most angles of prophecy required of the AC with the exceptions of Economics and Religion. Since then he has become a voice in political economics even if not recognized contributor. Now we hear of the first foray into the world of "religious sensibilities" JS speaks as a fully secular person about secular ideals. It would truly require a false prophet to give him any kind of religious cachet. Is the Petrus Romanus standing in the wings as well? This would lend credibility to JS. One would have to use institutions with such venerable history as the papacy as the fulcrum to move the world. I appreciate you continuing attempts to keep an eye on the news. So many others are petty observers of trends and yet they disrespect the very traditions of free religious inquiry that give them the ability to do so.