Friday, June 15, 2012

Solana: Europe on the brink of suicide! THE DEADLY WOUND IS HERE

"Will there be a solution? I say clearly, I do not know. My country (Spain) and Italy also have problems. The followong two weeks are important. G-20 meets in Mexico will focus on the Euro-Zone after the elections in Greece. We are talking about 30 percent of the world economy, when we refer to the European Union . There are also a major concerns in the EU, I wonder if the EU to solve the crisis.  Because the United States are also affected. Therefore, the G-20 will make an important meeting. Link
Javier Solana: "The European Union is unable to manage itself and is committing suicide"

"We are witnessing a fortnight of infarction30% of the global economy not just heal their wounds and the economic crisis shows Europe at its most fierce, "said Solana, after rating agency Moody's downgraded last night in three steps the note that gives sovereign debt of Spain, the current "A3" (remarkably low) to "Baa3" (approved under) and placed on "negative outlook" on the brink of junk statusThe differential with the German bond was placed at the opening in the 542 basis points and has come along in the morning to the 550 points, compared to the 529 with which closed yesterday.
Moody's justifies the reduction with the rescue of the Spanish banks it considers "increase" the burden of debt, its "limited" access to financial markets and the "continued weakness" of the Spanish economy.
The eurozone is unable to manage itself

in his article in El País , Solana writes that "today no one doubts that Europe, in particular the euro zone has become the most pressing problem" and that "all eyes are on us." Who was the powerful Mr CFSP, believes the European Union, namely, "the world's largest economy, is unable to manage themselves in a manner consistent with its global responsibilities (...) while the Europeans are suffering and the rest of the world looks dumbfounded how a beautiful story commits suicide. "

The socialist in his article refers to "rescue Spain" and asks: "Who we are caught?". He believes that "the coming weeks are uncertain" and that the situation of the Spanish economy can "splash" to Italy.
"Meanwhile, the Europeans are suffering and the rest of the world is watching how a beautiful muted suicide storyThat story of a group of countries, after the darkness of war, were able to cope with a rolled up "never again" to the baseness and an "always yes" to advance towards the future visionary.Now the same can autofracasar. Nobody deserves it, "writes Javier Solana. Link


Anonymous said...

1) There remains 1 1/2 years to the European Neighborhood seven year treaty.
2) Is it just enough time for a JS reappointment?
3) Allowing time for JS to be part of the uprooting of three horns ?
4)Establishing the first monetary and fiscal controls to stabilize Europe but that will in time become the 666 control of buying and selling?
5) Will JS be given power to continue for 42 months such that he is present to deal with a possible Islamic crisis in the middle east and the "Damascus war?
6) Will there be an attempt at some sort of sacrifice on the Temple Mount and will there be time for JS to stop it before then end of the seven year ENP December 31,2013?
7) Is the harbinger theory correct and is the US about to meet its judgment in the midst of this?
8) Is the book Petrus Romanus correct in surmising the removal of the current pope and the seating of the last of the popes in the Malachy prophecy line. Is the last pope the one who sees the destruction of Rome?

Quite a few guesses to deal with.
We live in interesting times.May we all pray that we play our small parts well

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to eschalogizer:
who has posted on Unsealed Prophecy and FP.

Anonymous said...

The shock of the autumn 2008 will seem like a small summer storm compared to what will affect planet in several months.