Sunday, July 15, 2012

"The also former secretary general of NATO in the 90's said "it is good to have a debate like this (in relation to World Peace Forum) in Beijing" and also is organized by its "main University (the Tsinghua). "
"This is a new world order," he argued.
In this multipolarity, Solana said that "European institutions have been very close to govern effectively."
"I think the current situation is not stable. For that to come, you need a more integrated Europe from the institutional standpoint," said Efe.
Along these lines, highlights the measures taken by the European Council in Brussels last week, including the agreement to facilitate the use of bailout funds to buy debt of European countries under pressure in the markets.
"China is happy with the decisions being taken in Europe," Solana spins, while not forgetting the speech that Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping, made this morning at Tsinghua University to inaugurate the Forum, which appealed to the international community to "not fear" by the power he wields in the world Beijing.
With the same spirit of conciliation, Solana assessed very positively that Xi, called to become the next Chinese president later this year, has participated in a summit organized by civil society.
"There will be a major change, no doubt," Solana said, with an eye to the conclave that will future Chinese leaders, a generation that will face the country's role in a changing landscape that Europe has not yet recovered of the crisis.
Reflecting the importance of relations between Beijing and Brussels, the capital of Asia this week hosts the celebration of the Third Strategic Dialogue between China and the EU, which will feature the successor to Javier Solana, High Representative for Foreign Policy European Union, Catherine Ashton.
Apart from the political and economic, Solana confirmed that the recent victory of Spain in the Euro also served to bring the old continent and the Asian power: "Several have congratulated me for 'the Red'" he said.
Tsinghua University has named Solana as a member of its Advisory Board, a position rarely granted to foreigners. EFE " Link

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