Friday, July 20, 2012

batman shootings

7 days after 70. birthday of Dr. Sunshine...
"Denver (Colorado, USA): A masked gunman shot dead 10 people and wounded 30 to 40 others at a showing of new Batman movie "The Dark Knight Rises" at a movie theatre in the US city of Denver, local radio station KOA reported on Friday, citing witnesses.
The radio station said a figure in a gas mask had opened fire at the showing in a mall in the suburb of Aurora and set off a smoke or tear gas bomb. It said initial police estimates were of 30-40 injured". Link

Aurora Meaning and Definition

  1. (n.) The rising light of the morning; the dawn of day; the redness of the sky just before the sun rises.
  2. (n.) The rise, dawn, or beginning.
  3. (n.) The aurora borealis or aurora australis (northern or southern lights).
  4. (n.) The Roman personification of the dawn of day; the goddess of the morning. The poets represented her a rising out of the ocean, in a chariot, with rosy fingers dropping gentle dew.
"Why is it that the sole black "good guy" in this film is Morgan Freman (aka Lucius Fox)? The name Lucius is derived from the Latin root lux, meaning "light". Lucius can be symbolically interpreted as Lucifer, or the "light bringer". The numeric value of the word "fox", is 666 (F=6+O=15+X=24), backing up the Lucifer correlation. Lucius Fox is the "designer" of the "dark knight" technology."

A connection between Kosovo and Denver shootings? Link

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Anonymous said...

art can sometimes imitate life...don't think it too far out now that the man of sin will rise. much to watch and even more to pray about...