Saturday, July 07, 2012

Solana in China again

Javier Solana: China is doing all it can for

 them to put an end to the European crisis

At the recent G20 summit, Beijing announced an injection of U.S. $ 43,000 million to recapitalize the IMF, but its central bank warned right away that this is not a "free help".

BEIJING. - The former head of European diplomacy Javier Solana said today in an interview with Efe that China "play a coherent role in the international arena" and was convinced that the Asian power is involved in seeking an early exit to the crisis Europe.
"No one can say that (China) is not doing everything we can to make the economic situation (European Union) is resolved as soon as possible" were the words of Javier Solana, who participates in the Forum for World Peace takes place today and tomorrow in Beijing.
The politician was adamant in his belief that China "is doing his due" in the international arena, and recalled that the second largest economy is also concerned that the EU (Beijing's main trading partner) out of the crisis soon .
In fact, China saw an increase well below that obtained in 2011 in its latest annual figures for foreign trade, published early last June, with an increase of 14.1% compared with 22.5% previously.
At the recent G20 summit, Beijing announced an injection of U.S. $ 43,000 million to recapitalize the IMF, but its central bank warned right away that this is not a "free help" and that the multilateral agency that borrows money, "ensuring reliable performance and reasonable. "
"China is happy with the decisions being taken in Europe," Solana spins, while forgetting the speech that Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping, made this morning at Tsinghua University to inaugurate the Forum, which appealed to the international community to "not fear" by the power he wields in the world Beijing.
With the same spirit of conciliation, Solana assessed very positively that Xi, called to become the next Chinese president participated in a summit organized by civil society.
"There will be a major change, no doubt," Solana said, with an eye to the conclave that will future Chinese leaders, a generation that will face the country's role in a changing landscape that Europe has not yet recovered of the crisis.

Reflecting the importance of relations between Beijing and Brussels, the capital of Asia this week welcomes the holding of the Third Strategic Dialogue between China and the EU, which will feature the successor to Javier Solana, High Representative for Foreign Policy European Union, Catherine Ashton.... Link

bt who's there in China right now?:
"...BEIJING - Chinese Vice-President Xi Jinping on Saturday addressed the World Peace Forum2012 in Beijing with a call for all nations to make concerted efforts to tackle challenges inregional security and create harmony and stability around the world....
Prior to the opening ceremonyXi met with forum delegates including former Peruvian PresidentAlan Garciaformer Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Haji Ahmad Badawiformer PakistaniPrime Minister Shaukat Azizformer French Prime Minister Dominique de VillepinformerJapanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyamaformer Secretary of the Russian Security CouncilIgor Ivanov and former EU High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy Javier Solana.
The World Peace Forum 2012 takes places on Saturday and SundayThemed "Win-Win forAllPeaceSecurityCooperationand organized by Tsinghua Universityit is the first non-governmental high-level forum on international security held in China." LINK


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he just has to have a finger in every pie.....and he always seems to beat anyone (especially catherine ashton) to the punch. he is a world leader no matter how retired he proports to be-and still a good candidate for the position as the man hell will use to head up the world's most evil empire of all time.

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