Thursday, July 26, 2012

Solana in Olympic fever again

why this news with the beginning of London Olympics 2012?....
"Javier Solana, who was Minister of Foreign Affairs in 92, (farmer: before responsible for Culture and Sports) acknowledged that "there is always a concern for people's behavior in such an important event.  Barcelona, was an ​​Catalan act, but mostly Spanish, because the flag and athletes who had represented the country. " "was concerned that everyone would understand and that everyone would behave with the required dignity that the Olympic Games were broadcast worldwide and were the most important so far," says . on Madrid's bid for the 2020 Olympics, says that "whatever it takes to be. But the spirit in which Spain now faces the Olympic Games is very different from '92. We are in a situation more difficult to whole of Spain, and I think there will be people who look like that is not the best way to spend the money". Link
Samaranch and Solana
and from an old post of mine in Solans words: 
Samaranch regained the

Olympic Truce as an effective instrument of peace. So I think the international community must recognize his long and committed contribution to the Olympic movement. We all knew that the ancient Greeks founded the concept of "Olympic Truce" and the sanctuary of Olympia was turned into a zone of permanent immunity by which the sport and their families could travel safely to compete at the Games. But the merit in Samaranch would like to highlight is that it was able to update the bid to the Olympic Truce in the complex geopolitical context of the twentieth century. We showed everyone that, at certain times in our recent history, the sport could be an instrument of great help in building harmony between peoples and nations. ..."

Solana said that Samaranch addressed "in the Olympic truce," recalling in particular the time of the Balkan wars."(!) Their relationship began in the late 1970s, and when the diplomat was president of the Interministerial Committee of the Government for the 1992 Games. In parallel, Samaranch awarded him and made him "Part of the Olympic family."he added." 

"Narcis Serra, mayor of Barcelona between 1979 and 1982, and current president of Caixa de Cataluna, revealed yesterday that Samaranch was the architect of the idea and the driving force behind the whole process that led eventually to the proclamation of Barcelona as an Olympic venue October 17, 1986 ...
Pujol and Maragall also admitted that Samaranch tutelage submitted the candidature of Barcelona and uncovered an episode involving the two and Javier Solana, then minister of the government of Felipe Gonzalez, which demonstrates the implication that the former showed IOC in the project. "He called us, me and Solana," recalled Pujol. "We were all three stuck."
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farmland investment said...

As much as I am sure the Olympics would be a great pick-up to Spanish national pride, the Spaniards really need to wonder if this is the best use of their money right now? More to the point, do they even have the money to prepare a bid and do some of the initial work necessary to make a serious proposal to the IOC?