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"The start of the crisis requires collective effort"

Javier Solana started his holiday in Bueu, but since his retirement from Cela is currently pending

Javier Solana, yesterday at the house where summers for years in the parish of Cela in Bueu.  / / CG
Javier Solana, yesterday at the house where summers for years in the parish of Cela in Bueu. / / CG 

"He is no longer minister or secretary general of NATO or the High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy of the EU. But Javier Solana is still a top-level political figure, though he said he would not take back to the foreground. What does not change its relationship with Bueu and Cela's parish, which just got another year to spend a few days off.Long walks, jogging sessions, bathing in Lapamán and reading are back in the program of activities of one of the most faithful visitors of O Morrazo.

DAVID GARCIA - BUEU Javier Solana has lost count of the years he has been vacationing in Bueu, but summer is faithful to his appointment with the municipality of O Morrazo and the parish of Cela. The former minister, NATO Secretary General and High Responsible for Common Foreign and Security Policy of the EU came this weekend at his vacation retreat and it was last seen by the environment. "I've already hit a walk in the mountains and gone to the beach," says Solana.His usual companion Routing is BNG exconcejal Manuel Otero. "But now is not here. I spoke with him by telephone and we will go back together," forward. 
with whom it has been is an old acquaintance and friend, also former minister and current Commissioner for Competition of the European Union Joaquin Almunia. Both were seen together on Monday afternoon in the vicinity of the Praia de Beluso, one of the privileged corners of the Ria de Pontevedra. Almunia prefer the north of Galicia to rest, but came up Bueu at the invitation of Solana. In this talk was present economic situation of Spain and the euro area as a whole and the ghost of a ransom to the Spanish economy. Solana believes that Spain itself will need help from its European partners, which also involve additional steps. "But I think there will be no rescue as agreed for countries like Portugal or Greece," said the veteran politician. 
What is clear is that at this time what is needed is unity. "I've never been a friend of political fights and the second division less. And I think we're at it, when in fact the problems are of more depth," he argues. Javier Solana is convinced that there is "light at the end of the tunnel", but warns that to reach it "must make a collective effort and not lose a second in the secondary to the main focus." 
On the Origin of argues that the crisis is "faults in lowercase and we have some Germans others ...", but there are faults in uppercase. "And those are not ours, this crisis comes from beyond the Atlantic. We did not invent, we will suffer," Solana stressed. 
Its European vocation has not changed and is firm. "The idea of Europe has an element of solidarity. And Europe as a whole is better than the United States and Japan. But within the Union there are countries that do better and some worse, so be nice and supportive sharing efforts," said since his retirement in the parish of Cela. 
the other side of the estuary of Pontevedra spent a few days off the prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, but have not agreed although some sources pointed that would drop by Bueu. "I just got here yet," Solana said with a smile. 
The routine of the summers of Bueu Solana has not changed and what he appreciates most is the tranquility, peace, gastronomy and natural environment, both mountain and beach . His long walks "to Ermelo or Cape Udra" are already famous among the residents of Bueu. "People treat me very well and fortunately my presence here has already ceased to be news," he admits. 
Although far left and his time as Secretary General of NATO and that it is not Mister CFSP, which does not change is his constant attention to the latest news. "During the holidays I'm not as steep as before," he stresses.The main focus right now is Syria and the position of countries like Iran, China or Russia. Solana hopes that there is no intervention of the Iranian regime and calls for a change of position by China and Russia. Just one of the universities in the Asian giant, Tsinghua University, has recently appointed a member of its advisory board, so Javier Solana extended his lectures on geopolitics and diplomacy also China. 
A professor of physics became master of the geopolitical 
The former Minister of Education works in the School of Business Administration (ESADE), where he teaches a chair of Leadership and Democratic Governance, a subject that is far removed from its initial Chair of Solid State Physics. "Science is moving very fast," he says, explaining that after all these years in politics is not turned back to those origins. 
Still maintains its interest in the subject and as a good physical welcomed with joy and excitement the discovery by scientists of the Organization European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) Higgs boson, popularly known as the God particle. The center is based in Geneva and when the discovery was released Solana was just in that moment in the Swiss city"I could talk to some scientists and were transformed by the discovery," he recalls with emotion." LINK

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